HTC One Discounted On Sprint To $99 For New Customers

We know you’re probably eyeing the HTC One after publishing our official preview and review of the device, now the question is what carrier will you be picking it up on. If you’re in the U.S., your choices are AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Out of those three U.S. carriers, it looks as though Spring it trying to obtain new customers the most with a new promotion it’s running for the HTC One.If you’re […]

HP TouchPad goes on sale one last time on the 11th of December

The HP TouchPad has been selling like hotcakes and its heavily discounted price of $99 is probably the main reason behind that. Despite the fact that HP may or may not kill off webOS, $99 for a tablet with the potential to run CyanogenMod on it as an Android tablet is a pretty tempting offer. The good news for those who may have missed out on HP’s earlier two fire […]

HP TouchPad will be sold to developers for $149.99

While HP may or may not have plans to revive their webOS platform in the future, they have claimed that they will continue to support the platform and are apparently trying to attract more developers to the platform. They are attempting to achieve this by offering the discontinued HP TouchPad to developers for $149.99 via the HP TouchPad Device Purchase Program.

Best Buy to slash HTC Flyer price tag

In the wake of HP’s fire sale for the TouchPad, it looks like yet another tablet will be given a price reduction to encourage sales. This time around it’s the HTC Flyer, thanks to the folks over at Best Buy. It has been reported that starting tomorrow, October 1st, Best Buy outlets will be reducing the price of the HTC Flyer from $499 to $299. That’s $200 off, similar to […]


Sony Google TV HDTVs get massive price cuts

Not long after we reported about Logitech slashing prices for the Revue, it’s been reported that Sony will be giving its Google TV-powered HDTVs price cuts too, and these aren’t minor discounts, with some models dropping in price by over 50%. Talk about pushing the Google TV to the masses. According to Sony, these price cuts don’t signify the arrival of better models coming soon – they just want to […]

id Software slashes the prices for Wolfenstein and Doom games on iOS

Quakecon kicked off yesterday, and to celebrate the occasion, id Software has decided to slash the prices of its classic FPS games that are available on iOS devices. It’s no surprise that id Software is a huge fan of the platform, with all of its mobile games only available on it at the moment. Not to mention, it seems to be the only platform worth developing for, according to a […]

Palm Pre and Pixi owners receive $50 mail-in rebate on $599 HP TouchPad

Want a new HP TouchPad, but find its $599 price tag to be rather intimidating? Well, you are one fortunate soul if you happen to own a Palm Pre or Palm Pixi (with the Plus versions of both models), as owners of said smartphones are eligible for a $50 mail-in rebate for the 32GB HP TouchPad. Granted, that is less than 10% of the retail price, but every little bit […]

Samsung to give away free 3D glasses with every purchase of a 3DTV

 Folks who are holding off on buying Samsung 3DTVs due to the high price of glasses can take comfort in knowing that Samsung have reduced the prices of their active shutter 3D glasses by $50. In addition to cutting down the prices, Samsung will also be throwing in two pairs of glasses for free with the purchase of any Samsung 3D LED or 3D plasma TV. Though the glasses still […]

Facebook to offer Groupon-style deals to its users

After having some success with location-based deals with their Places feature, it looks like Facebook has plans to expand their discount/promo service to being more than just for check-ins. It has been reported that Facebook plans to test a Groupon-inspired service for their users in San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, Atlanta and Austin. With 500 million+ Facebook users, the social network definitely has a larger audience than other discount services […]

Verizon offering $200 reward card with FiOS TV triple/quad play subscription

Now that the iPhone is finally on Verizon’s network, it looks like the carrier is doing all it can to push it out of the door into the hands of consumers. Verizon has just announced a new promotion where new FiOS subscribers who sign up for their qualifying triple/quad play get a $200 reward card which can be used to purchase the Verizon iPhone 4 (or any other device from them) […]

Half Off AT&T BlackBerry Phones

Aren’t the holidays great, especially with all the promotions and such? As predicted, AT&T has started to offer 50% off BlackBerry smartphones. You’ll still need to agree to a 2-year contract agreement, and the mail-in-rebate still stands, but that’s beside the point, right? In case you’re looking for something else, the Samsung Solstice is going for free with a new contract.