While HP may or may not have plans to revive their webOS platform in the future, they have claimed that they will continue to support the platform and are apparently trying to attract more developers to the platform. They are attempting to achieve this by offering the discontinued HP TouchPad to developers for $149.99 via the HP TouchPad Device Purchase Program.

Registered webOS developers in Europe, Canada and the US will be able to purchase a maximum of two HP TouchPads each at the discounted price, although it was not revealed as to how many tablets are actually left in stock. HP experienced an unexpected rise in demand for the tablet when it went on sale for $99 after they announced their plans to discontinue it. They then revived it in an attempt to appease and fulfill all the requests from customers who missed out on the opportunity.

For non-developers still looking to get their hands on the HP TouchPad, the somewhat good news is that stores like Best Buy and Wal-Mart still have them in stock, but the downside is that you will only be able to purchase them at the $149.99 discounted price when you buy a new laptop. Even if you don’t love the webOS platform, Team CyanogenMod has an alpha of an Android port for the tablet out there for download should you wish to transform your heavily discounted TouchPad into an Android tablet.

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