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SEGA Dreamcast Backpack Will Retail For $146 Starting April 25 In Japan
One of my all-time favorite video game consoles has to be SEGA’s Dreamcast as I feel it was way ahead of its time in terms of graphical ability, user-interface as well as it believing in online multiplayer games on consoles before it was even a thing. I can sing the praises of the Dreamcast for hours, which is why when I saw there was a Dreamcast Controller backpack, I knew […]

Sega Dreamcast 2 concept
The Sega Dreamcast was released to plenty of accolades and bouquets, but it is sad to see the console die such a quick death due to Sega bleeding money in the hardware department. The Sega Dreamcast is basically the right console at the wrong time, and if you were to ask independent observers, they too, cannot really explain why the Dreamcast failed to make the grade. Well, good thing the […]

Wild custom art for Sega Dreamcast and other consoles
The Sega Dreamcast might not be the most desirable console on the planet anymore, but a French artist out there obviously thinks that it can be converted into a work of art, as he posted some really nice pictures of the console being prettied up on his Flickr stream. The paint job gets its inspiration from Dreamcast games such as Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio. Aside from that, he […]

Dreamcast compilation coming your way, Xbox 360 and PS3 owners
If you happen to love all things Dreamcast (the console might be dead for many, many moons now, but that has not stopped third party developers from churning out new games for the platform!) and own a PS3 or Xbox 360, be prepared to jump for joy as news of SEGA releasing its Dreamcast compilation to both platforms happening soon. The price has been listed at $29.99 for the compilation, […]


Sturmwind: Brand New Dreamcast Game From German Developers
The Dreamcast console is more or less confined to the history books, especially with modern and cooler consoles going around such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. That being said, you’ll probably be surprised at the news that a new game, dubbed Sturmwind, has surfaced for the console. This arcade shoot-em-up game is slated to be released in the middle of next year by Redspot Games and will be […]

iPod nano modification sees rebirth of Dreamcast's Visual Memory Unit
In the world of video gaming, the Dreamcast’s Visual Memory Unit (VMU) was a pretty novel idea when it first hit the market, albeit it wasn’t used to its maximum in hindsight. Check out this iPod nano modification that will require you to crack open the VMU, followed by inserting the iPod nano. You will be required to perform some wiring job to cater for the headphone jack before the […]

Jailbroken PS3 Gets SNES And Dreamcast Emulation
The PS3 jailbreak code that was recently released looks like it’s going to bring a frown to a Sony executive’s face today. You can be sure that running an emulator console from its competitors isn’t something they wanted the PS3 to be able to do when they designed it. Take a gander at the picture above, and you’ll notice that the snes9x and NullDC emulators have been successfully ported to […]

Techknott Dreamcast Portable Console Mod
There are a great many console mods out there, but how many of them look as good as the Dreamcast portable mod from Techknott? It features a custom-made CNC acrylic case with MDF walls and a PSone LCD display. The console features an original Dreamcast control pad on the front, complete with triggers at the back, not to mention a CD player that is mounted on the back to support […]

Dreamcast Boombox Casemod
Console mods are always cool to check out, and this time a user called XCKDIY has come up with a Dreamcast Boombox casemod. As the name implies, the Dreamcast console has been crammed into a portable radio, and a front-facing LCD has been installed. The cool part is that the Dreamcast’s drive has been integrated into the portable player’s original drive tray, keeping the authentic look. The four controller ports […]

IntoDream turns Dreamcast portable
The Dreamcast is one of those consoles that had everything going for it, and yet it still died an unnatural death to the chagrin of many. Sega fan who prefers to go by the moniker Bacteria has spent the last four months of his life working on a portable Sega Dreamcast, where it will also come with an integrated VMU (Visual Memory Unit). Dubbed IntoDream, the handheld is made up […]