The Sega Dreamcast was released to plenty of accolades and bouquets, but it is sad to see the console die such a quick death due to Sega bleeding money in the hardware department. The Sega Dreamcast is basically the right console at the wrong time, and if you were to ask independent observers, they too, cannot really explain why the Dreamcast failed to make the grade. Well, good thing the Dreamcast had a huge fan base even after games were no longer made for the console, as the community took up this task themselves, and released their own Dreamcast games from time to time even after official support for the console was stopped for years already. Perhaps if Sega ever wanted to get back into the hardware business, they might want to kick off such a situation with the Sega Dreamcast 2, and industrial design student Elie Ahovi figured out the Dreamcast 2 might look something like what you see above after putting in careful thought into this concept.

Also known as “Dreamcast Delta”, it can be played with any mobile device, so there is no need for controllers which will save the overall cost of the hardware. I do not think this is such a good idea after all, since the Dreamcast Delta runs on the assumption that you have a compatible tablet or smartphone device that acts as its controller. Packing in a traditional controller with an alternative option is a better idea – what do you think?

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