One of my all-time favorite video game consoles has to be SEGA’s Dreamcast as I feel it was way ahead of its time in terms of graphical ability, user-interface as well as it believing in online multiplayer games on consoles before it was even a thing. I can sing the praises of the Dreamcast for hours, which is why when I saw there was a Dreamcast Controller backpack, I knew I had to write about it for all of you Dreamcast lovers out there.

SEGA has started to roll out a backpack which resembles its monstrously large Dreamcast controller. In fact, I believe this backpack might be an exact replica in terms of the controller’s size, but I might be wrong considering it’s been years since I held the console’s controller. The backpack is being launched as a part of SEGA’s new brand, “SegaKawaii,” which translates to SEGA cute or adorable in Japanese.

The Dreamcast controller backpack retails for 13,860円 ($146 U.S.) and will go on sale starting April 25 in Japan. The backpack won’t be the only SEGAKawaii item for sale as a Dreamcast t-shirt and a Genesis tank top will also go on sale.

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