If you thought that piloting a drone was easy, it’s not. While it might not be too difficult to get it off the ground, getting the drone to fly the way you want and to capture the footage you want does take quite a bit of skill, which is why a recent video footage of a drone flying through a bowling alley in Minnesota has everyone in Hollywood (and the world) talking.

This is because creators of the video, Rally Studios, had managed to put together a 90-second video using drone footage, but what’s amazing is that it was all taken in a single-shot. Single-shot footage is difficult to pull off because a single mistake means that the entire video needs to be shot again, as opposed to simply reshooting a single scene.

Plus the fact that this was taken using a drone and was flown around a somewhat confined space made it even more impressive, and there was no additional use of computer graphics or effects. Like we said, this footage has managed to capture the attention of many people in Hollywood, such as Lee Unkrich who directed Pixar’s Coco who said it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen.

Director James Gunn also chimed in where he responded to a suggestion that he hire them, where he said that he would love to have the team go with him to London while they shoot Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. According to Rally Studios, the entire footage took about 2 hours to film as they had to go through 10-12 attempts before landing the perfect take.

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