Sunflower Labs announced the world’s first fully autonomous residential security drone.

Even though that sounds something cool for CES, 2020 – it may not be something that everyone can afford.

The security drone starts at $9950 with more expensive options to go for. As per its announcement, the security drone is a part of its Home Awareness System.

Along with the drone, you will have sensors deployed to detect motion and react accordingly. The system includes three individual components – sunflowers, bee, and the hive.

The sunflowers are disguised as garden lights to monitor the activity on your property. They can even detect and differentiate people from animals. You can monitor it through a map in real-time.

Next comes the bee – which is essentially the drone we are talking about. It can monitor and stream live video as well – if required.

And, the hive is the charging station (which is also weatherproof) to keep the drone safe and charged.

The cost of the system will differ depending on what you opt for (or how you want it to be deployed). For now, you can pre-order it online with a $999 deposit to get it delivered by mid-2020.

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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