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Nintendo DSi to come in matte red and matte blue colors to the US
Nintendo of America has announced that they will be introducing a couple of new colors for the Nintendo DSi in the US – and we are talking about matte red and matte blue. These new colors are able to arrive at retailers “as early as this week,” or at least that is what Nintendo of America tweeted. Better late than never, don’t you think so? The thing is, how many […]

Nintendo voice recognition project tested for classroom use
Whoever said that Nintendo is just all about gaming? The company has a heart for knowledge as well, where they and Japanese telecom company NTT have teamed up to build a voice recognition project. This particular project will intend to ease the life of students who have hearing or other disabilities, making it harder for them to keep up in classrooms compared to their able-bodied peers. NHK reports that Nintendo […]

Nintendo to introduce the DS into the classroom
Nintendo of America has just announced a partnership with the National Art Education Association (NAEA) to introduce the Nintendo DS into classrooms in selected schools across the country. In an attempt to give students a fresh, fun way to study drawing and painting techniques, art teachers in elementary, middle and high school classrooms have been given Nintendo DSi XL systems and copies of Art Academy. Teachers participating in the program […]

Nintendo DSi will not be phased out
Nintendo will not be phasing out the DSi anytime soon, even when their brand new 3DS hits the market in the first quarter of this year. According to a Nintendo representative, there are still DSi products waiting to roll out in the UK over the year. This would mean Nintendo has three hardware variants in the market from February onwards – the new 3DS, the larger DSi XL and the […]


Nintendo introduces price cuts for DSi and DSi XL units
Have you been waiting to upgrade your old school Nintendo DS into the DSi and DSi XL units, but never really made the jump simply because of the price barrier? Well, come September 12th, you’ll be a very happy person since Nintendo will be slashing the prices for both the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL. Sitting pretty at $169 and $189 respectively at the moment, they will drop to $149 […]

Nintendo Announces New Colors For Its DSi XL In Japan, And Reduces Price Of Its Portable Consoles
Folks over in Japan who are planning to get hold of a Nintendo DSi or DSi XL (DSi LL in Japan) should be quite happy to hear that the gaming giant has announced three new colors for the Nintendo DSi XL on its homepage today, namely blue, yellow and green. These new models will be available from June 19th in Japan, which is also the same day that Nintendo is […]

Nintendo 3DS To Get 3DSPlay And 3DSWare Services?
While many details of the upcoming 3D-toting Nintendo 3DS are still unknown, it seems that it will have access to some services dubbed 3DSPlay and 3DSWare, thanks to some Japanese trademark documents that have been discovered. While exact details on these services haven’t been confirmed just yet, it’s believed that 3DSPlay will be a collection of arcade-style games such as WiiPlay for the Nintendo Wii; while 3DSWare will be an […]

Nintendo DSi XL Dissected
Curious what is going on inside the Nintendo DSi XL, but don’t want to sacrifice a unit just to satisfy your curiosity? Well, the folks over at iFixit have done all the dirty work for you, and in case you plan to do the same with yours (some time in the future), they’ve even got a handy step-by-step guide for you to follow. Just don’t blame us if you suddenly […]

Nintendo DSi with larger screen in the works
Seems that there is a new Nintendo DSi that is in the works according to some rumors, where it will hit Japan first (where else), featuring a slightly larger 4″ display on both top and bottom segments. Nice to know that the same rumor also points to a similar price point as the existing DSi despite offering 3/4 of an inch more in terms of viewing area, targeting an older […]

XCM Eye Candy Nintendo DSi
Love your new Nintendo DSi? Why not make it even more lovable with the XCM Eye Candy? This replacement shell kit will turn your plain colored DSi into luscious candy colors, letting you see through it via a colored transparent case to see just how Nintendo managed to produce such a small wonder. Depending on your taste, you can choose from candy apple red, emerald green, electric blue, clear shell […]

iPlayer Turns DSi Into Media Machine
The Nintendo DS and DS Lite had problems with piracy due to the introduction of flash carts like the R4 and M3, although some might argue in the favor of needing those to run homebrew software while augmenting the DS to become a portable media player of sorts. Well, the DSi is not exempt from this either, thanks to the iPlayer flash cart that aims to turn the DSi into […]

Nyko Zoom Case For DSi
Let us get this straight – the Nintendo DSi is supposed to be a portable gaming machine, but what happens when you throw in the Nyko Zoom Case? Surely you might not want something jutting out of your pants, looking obscene as all get out, right? Well, we guess you can always detach it and stow it when not in use, but who can resist the lure of 8x zoom? […]

DSONEi Set To Trouble Nintendo
Nintendo always had this thing against piracy (more so than other video game developers), but they should know by now that pirates will always be around due to some developing (and poorer) countries that want to enjoy what Nintendo has to offer, although the astronomical price of original software in those countries (after conversion from US dollars) has driven folk to search for alternative, non-legal options. The latest scourge to […]