Nintendo Announces New Colors For Its DSi XL In Japan, And Reduces Price Of Its Portable Consoles

Folks over in Japan who are planning to get hold of a Nintendo DSi or DSi XL (DSi LL in Japan) should be quite happy to hear that the gaming giant has announced three new colors for the Nintendo DSi XL on its homepage today, namely blue, yellow and green. These new models will be available from June 19th in Japan, which is also the same day that Nintendo is planning to reduce the retail price of its portable consoles, lowering the price of the DSi XL to 18,000 Yen ($196) and the DSi to 15,000 Yen ($164). The DS Lite on the other hand is priced at 16,800 Yen to whatever retailers deem is acceptable to help them increase sales. There wasn’t any mention if the new colors or price drop will be coming to the US anytime soon.

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