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Mystery Chinese tablet spotted running on Android 4.0
At the moment the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the only device in the world to officially have Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 on board. There are a ton of other devices that are scheduled to receive the update, tablets included, but it appears that this mystery tablet from China may have beaten out the competition to be the first tablet to run on Android 4.0.

Nokia to release dual-core Symbian phones?
Despite Nokia’s strong commitment to Windows Phone, the company is refusing to let Symbian die. According to a blurry cam photograph that surfaced recently, it looks like Nokia has a lot of plans for its Symbian devices. The photograph shows a future road map for the Symbian operating system, and apparently the next two versions will be called Symbian Carla and Symbian Donna. If the picture turns out to be […]

Chinese "Love Master" tablet runs on a Tegra 2 processor
China has been known to put out several copycat products in the past, but it seems that lately local manufacturers are starting to produce some pretty interesting devices, which may not exactly impress in terms of hardware, but they do quite well for themselves in the design department, with this “Love Master” Android tablet.

Yipai C7 Android tablets are colorful
Dual-core processors for Android tablets seem to be the standard these days – even Shenzhen manufacturers have started using them in their own creations. A company named Yipai has released a new tablet called the C7, which is powered by Renesas’ A9 EV2 dual-core processor. Pretty impressive for a sub $100 tablet. Other specs of the Yipai C7 include: a 7″ capacitive display, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, […]


Amazon Kindle Fire unveiled
So today is the day Amazon will be announcing their upcoming tablet, the Kindle Fire. Prior to Amazon announcing it officially, the company spoke to Bloomberg, revealing some details about the device.

iPhone 5 with A5 processor photo leaked?
We had just reported that purported iPhone 4S parts had leaked, with the source supposedly informing AppleInsider that there would be no iPhone 5 this year, which begs the question – how does that explain a post on China’s Weibo that has a photo of what is claimed to be the A5 processor residing in a mainboard that is looking rather distinct from that of the iPhone 4 and iPad […]

LG LU6200 handset leaked
If the recent leak of an LG device is to be believed, for those looking for an alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S2, this could be the device you are looking for. Photos of the LG LU6200 have recently surfaced and it looks like it will be exclusively available in South Korea during its launch, with no word if it plans to go global somewhere down the road.

Sony Android Walkman Z Series will be launched in Japan
The Sony Android Walkman was debuted at IFA over a week ago, but it looks like more details surrounding the device, along with pricing and availability have finally emerged. The device is now official and has been given the moniker “Walkman Z Series”, and for now it looks like it will only be available in the Japanese market.

Malata's Zpad T9 is "first in China" to sport Honeycomb 3.2
Android users in China will be pleased to know that a local company, Malata has put forth an Android tablet that will be running on the latest build of Honeycomb, version 3.2. Based on Google’s strict requirements for hardware manufacturers, you can rest assured that Malata Zpad T9 will come shipped at the very least with a dual-core processor.

HP silently upgrades the Pre 3 processor (updated)
We all know that the Pre 3 was supposed to ship about 10 days ago – at least that’s what advertised when it put the phone up for pre-order. But the date came, and the phone didn’t turn up, and people were left wondering what went wrong. Well, it looks like the reason for the delay might have been discovered.A quick check of the official HP Pre 3 specs […]

Motorola MT870 is the world’s first TD-SCDMA dual-core Android phone
Not too long after the announcement of the latest Motorola Milestone, Motorola has announced the release of a new Android phone in the same region of the world, the MT870. It is the world’s first TD-SCDMA (China’s version of W-CDMA) dual-core Android device.The Motorola MT870 packs a 1GHz dual-core processor, a 4” qHD display, an 8-megapixel camera with HD (1080p) recording, HDMI output, DLNA, WLAN and Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The […]

Motorola launches Milestone 3 (Droid 3) in China
The Motorola Milestone 3 or better known as the Droid 3 in the US has been leaked a number of times in recent weeks: first in specs and images; and then in a tutorial video. Now it looks like Motorola is ready to officially unveil the phone to the world. But unlike most of its launches that happen on this side of the world, the Motorola Droid 3 will make its […]

Walmart selling the HTC Sensation 4G early
Good news for those of you who can’t wait to get your hands on the HTC Sensation 4G. It has been tipped off by some readers at TmoNews that Walmart has already started to sell the Android superphone, before the official release date of the phone. It’s uncertain if all Walmarts nationwide are pushing out the device for sale, but quite a number of purchases have already been made. Folks […]

HTC Sensation 4G arriving on T-Mobile this month
T-Mobile sure is stepping up its game despite reports of AT&T interested in acquiring the carrier – it looks like it still has a lot of life left in it. T-Mobile has just announced the launch of a new super phone on its network, this time it’s the HTC Sensation 4G (or better known as the HTC Pyramid when it was just a rumor).The HTC Sensation 4G will be T-Mobile’s […]

Pantech Vega No. 5 looks a lot like the Vega Racer
The Pantech Vega Racer was announced to be arriving later this month in Korea, but it looks like it won’t be alone. Pantech has also recently shown off another dual-core Snapdragon phone that will be going on sale this month in Korea. Called the Pantech Vega No. 5, this phone looks a lot like the Vega Racer, albeit bigger. In fact its large screen brings another phone to mind – […]

Samsung 2GHz dual-core smartphones coming in 2012
Speed enthusiasts will be excited by this piece of news – Samsung Electronics, the creators of the infamous Samsung Galaxy S and the upcoming dual-core Galaxy S 2 phone has announced that it will be releasing a smartphone that can replace desktop computers by next year. How will they do that? By upgrading the phone’s processor of course!Samsung wants to introduce a 2GHz dual-core CPU-equipped smartphone in 2012. The 2GHz […]

Motorola Droid X2 benchmarked on video
Motorola has yet to make any official announcement about the successor to the Droid X, the Droid X2, but already, we’re seeing this phone appearing all over the place. Techno Buffalo recently got their hands on the Droid X2, took photographs of the device and even shot a video of the phone being benchmarked. On the surface, the phone looks pretty much just like the Droid X bar a missing […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 arriving in June
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that was unveiled earlier this year finally has a release date and a price. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will arrive in stores on June 8, 2011. The tablets will be priced at $499 for the 16GB WiFi-only version, and $599 for the 32GB WiFi-only version. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 will go on sale later in the year, with a price tag of $469 for […]

Samsung Galaxy S 2 won't be delayed
After yesterday’s rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S 2 being delayed due to a processor upgrade, it appears that Samsung has refuted such claims about a delay. While there was no official confirmation about the processor upgrade, Samsung has specifically tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy S 2 will be released in April as planned. And like its original rollout schedule, it will hit higher priority markets before others though we can […]

HTC Pyramid to be renamed HTC Sensation
Apparently the folks over at Pocket-lint received some exclusive information concerning the upcoming superphone from HTC – the HTC Pyramid. According to their sources, the HTC Pyramid will be renamed to the HTC Sensation when it arrives in the UK in the coming months. No other details have been confirmed, other than that it will arrive in the UK and its name change, but from previous leaks the phone will […]