Samsung Exynos ProcessorSpeed enthusiasts will be excited by this piece of news – Samsung Electronics, the creators of the infamous Samsung Galaxy S and the upcoming dual-core Galaxy S 2 phone has announced that it will be releasing a smartphone that can replace desktop computers by next year. How will they do that? By upgrading the phone’s processor of course!

Samsung wants to introduce a 2GHz dual-core CPU-equipped smartphone in 2012. The 2GHz dual-core processor is touted to give the phone the processing power of a single 4GHz CPU. In addition to using it to run their own phones, Samsung is thinking about selling the processors to other manufacturers as well. The CPU will be sold under their Exynos brand, just like the dual-core processor that will be used in the Galaxy S 2.

No other details were released about the 2012 phone, which could mean that it’s far from complete, or they’ve decided not to reveal anything so soon – after all if people knew a better phone was coming soon, they probably wouldn’t bother jumping on the 1.2GHz dual-core bandwagon and wait until next year. Then again, tech is almost always outdated the moment it is released. That’s just how things go. Can you see yourself using your smartphone to replace your desktop computer?

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