Symbian updatesDespite Nokia’s strong commitment to Windows Phone, the company is refusing to let Symbian die. According to a blurry cam photograph that surfaced recently, it looks like Nokia has a lot of plans for its Symbian devices. The photograph shows a future road map for the Symbian operating system, and apparently the next two versions will be called Symbian Carla and Symbian Donna. If the picture turns out to be the real deal, this will probably be the first time that the updates have been mentioned.

In addition to the names of the updates, we have some poorly translated details about the updates as well. Symbian Carla is said to feature version 8.0 of the Browser, Dolby Surround Sound, NFC, and “Best Widgets”. Symbian Donna on the other hand is said to be on “exclusive dual-core equipment”.

Carla is supposedly scheduled for a late 2012/early 2013 release and will run on higher-end Symbian phones. Symbian Donna is also said to be exclusive to dual-core devices and will probably be the last of the Symbian updates.

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