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Google Duo Allowing Users To Call Others Who Don’t Have The App
If you wanted to call someone using WhatsApp’s voice/video calling feature, they would also need to have WhatsApp installed. This is same for other VoIP/messenger apps like Skype, Viber, and so on. This was also true for Google’s Duo app, at least until recently where it seems that Duo is now allowing users to make calls to non-Duo users.

Google Duo Could Be Coming To Tablets Soon
At the moment Google’s video-calling app Duo is pretty much limited to mobile phones, which means that if you wanted to use it on a tablet, it’s not possible, at least not in an official capacity. However it seems that Google could be working on a way to bring Duo onto tablets, according to a recent tweet by one of the app’s developers.

Google Enables Duo Video Calls From Ongoing Phone Calls
With iOS devices, when you make a phone call using your iPhone, you also have the option to turn on FaceTime assuming that the other user has FaceTime enabled. This is something that Google is trying to do with Duo as we have seen from an previous APK teardown, where Google is looking to integrate Duo with Android’s Phone app.

Google Phone APK Teardown Hints At Duo Integration
With the phone app on iOS, the call log will show the various calls that users have made or received from various apps, such as WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger, and so on, and this is something that Google wants to integrate into the Google Phone app for Android with its video calling app Duo.


Duo Is Asking To Integrate With Your Phone’s Call History
Duo is Google’s new video calling app that was originally announced last year alongside Allo, Google’s new messenger platform. Duo had originally launched with only support for video calling, but a couple of months ago Google started to allow audio-only calls to be made using the app.

Update To Google Allo Now Lets Users Start Duo Calls
Last year Google launched two new apps in the form of Allo and Duo. The former is Google’s new messenger platform that appears to be the consumer replacement of Hangouts, while Duo basically allows users to make video calls, and more recently thanks to an update, audio calls as well.

Latest Version Of Google’s Duo Supports Android O’s Picture-In-Picture
Just like how picture-in-picture mode on TVs lets users watch more than one channel at once, the same can be said for mobile devices, where the ability to run apps simultaneously side-by-side can be a rather nifty feature. Now the good news for Duo users is that Android O is something they can look forward to.

Google Duo Audio Calling Rolling Out Worldwide
When Google first launched the Duo app, it was an app designed to make video calls. However what about users who also wanted the option to make audio calls? Back in 2016 Google promised that audio calls would be coming to Duo and last month, the feature started to roll out to users in Brazil.

Google Allo For Android Drops Out Of Top 500 Apps Chart
Despite all of the initial hype associated with the launch of its new messaging application, it appears that Google Allo has fallen out of the Top 500 free apps chart on the Play Store. You can head over to the Play Store right now and check out the chart of the Top 500 free apps and you’re not going to find Allo.

Google’s Pixel Phones Ship With Hangouts Disabled
About a week ago, we reported that Google had made some changes to their OEM requirements in which Hangouts will no longer be required to be bundled with Android phones. OEMs still have the option of including Hangouts, but are no longer required to do so and will have to replace it with Duo, Google’s video calling app.

Google No Longer Requires Hangouts To Be Bundled With Android Phones
Remember when Google debuted their new Allo and Duo apps and reassured us that despite these new apps, Hangouts would not be going anywhere? Turns out that was partially true. As of the 1st of December, Google will no longer require Hangouts to be preinstalled on Android phones.

Google’s Duo App Will Soon Be Able To Make Audio-Only Calls
A couple of days ago, Google launched Duo, the company’s answer to apps and services such as Apple’s FaceTime. It basically allows users to make video calls from their smartphones. However unlike FaceTime, it only does video meaning that if you wanted to make an audio-only call, you can’t.

Google To Focus Hangouts More On Its Business Users
Earlier today Google launched Duo. The app is one of two apps that Google showed off at I/O 2016 several months ago, and for those unfamiliar, it is basically Google’s take on Apple’s FaceTime. However with apps like Duo and Allo, both of which appear to offer up similar capabilities of Hangouts, what will become to the platform?

Google Releases ‘Duo’ Video Calling App For iOS & Android
Several months ago during Google I/O, Google took the wraps off an app called Duo. This is a video calling app which we guess you could say is Google’s take on FaceTime. The idea is that the app is straightforward and simple to use, so if all you’re after is a quick and easy way to video call someone, Google has officially launched the app for iOS and Android.