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Google Might Replace Duo With Meet
Google has made many attempts over the years at creating video calling apps. Admittedly this has created something of a confusing situation as users probably don’t know which to use. Right now, Google has Duo and Meet, so like we said, there is the question of which app should users use?

Google Duo For The Web Now Supports Group Calls For Up To 32 People
Google Duo has been around for a while now, but due to the pandemic, they are no doubt seeing an increase in usage where people working and studying from home are making more video calls than ever. The good news for those who use Duo is that if you prefer using the web version of the platform, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google has since increased the number of […]

Google Duo Now Lets You Join Group Video Calls With A Link
If there was ever a reason why Zoom rose so quickly in terms of popularity, it is because of the ease of joining group video calls. Instead of requiring users to register an account, basically Zoom hosts could send participants a link and they could click on it and join the video call as a guest.

Google Duo Group Calls Will Be Coming To The Web
With many people being stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, video calling apps and services are becoming increasingly popular. Companies are also stepping up their offerings, like with Google Duo where according to Google, the service will soon be able to support group calls via the web.


Google Could Be Working On A Low-Light Mode For Duo
Google Duo is Google’s video calling app, but given that video calls can take place anywhere and at anytime, sometimes quality can be less than stellar, especially if taken in low-light environments. Of course, this has to do with the camera hardware where some lenses allow for more light, but software plays a role too.

Google Duo WIll Soon Let Users Send Photos To Each Other
When Google announced Duo and Allo a few years ago, the differences between both apps is that one app was designed to be a messaging app (Allo), while the other was meant to be a video calling app (Duo). Google has since shut Allo down but it seems that the company could be slowly incorporating some messaging features into Duo.

Google Duo Audio Calls Now Rolling Out To Google Home Devices
Google Duo is the company’s answer to video calls. Previously Google had largely relied on Hangouts for video and audio calls, but with Hangouts now focused more on enterprise users, those who wanted to make video or audio calls over the internet had to use Duo (as one of the many alternatives).

Google Duo Can Now Be Accessed From The Web
A couple of years ago, Google launched new communication tools in the form of Allo and Duo. Allo (which will be shutting down) got its own web client where users could access their Allo messages on the web which allowed them to send and receive messages on their computers instead of their phone.

Google Duo Web Client Reportedly In The Works
For a while it seemed like Google’s Allo was the company’s next attempt at creating a consumer-based chat client, with Hangouts being focused towards enterprise users. Google even went as far as creating a web client for Allo that allowed users to chat with each other from their computers.

Google Duo Has Been Downloaded 1 Billion Times
Video calling apps aren’t exactly new. Skype offered up similar functionality for the longest time ever, then pretty much every messaging app such as WhatsApp, Messenger, LINE, and so on started to offer up similar features as well. However it turns out that Google’s Duo could be more popular than we thought in such a competitive space.

Google’s Duo Has Been Optimized For The iPad
There are plenty of video calling apps in the market today, but yet Google felt compelled to launch its own in the form of Duo. The app is available on iOS devices as well which presumably has been created to compete against Apple’s own FaceTime feature, and the good news for iOS users is that the app has been updated to be optimized for use on the iPad.

Google Assistant Can Now Make Duo Calls For You
While the touchscreen definitely changed the way we interact with our mobile devices, things have definitely changed in recent years as there seems to be an increasing emphasis being made on voice commands made to digital assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, thus removing the need to physically interact with our devices.

Google Duo Introduces New Screen Sharing Feature
Screen sharing is a useful feature to have if you’re trying to show someone something, or if you’re trying to help with something, like in technical support. Now there are a variety of ways for users to screen share their smartphones, but more recently Google has added the feature to its Duo app.

Google Pulls Latest Duo Update Following Low Call Volume Bug
Software updates are usually a good thing because it can mean either introduction of new features, or improvements to existing ones, as well as potentially squashing bugs and also patching security vulnerabilities. Unfortunately updates do not always go as planned, such is the case with the latest update to Google’s Duo app.