Despite all of the initial hype associated with the launch of its new messaging application, it appears that Google Allo has fallen out of the Top 500 free apps chart on the Play Store. You can head over to the Play Store right now and check out the chart of the Top 500 free apps and you’re not going to find Allo.

Chart data provided by App Annie clearly shows that this isn’t the first time that Google Allo has fallen out of the chart. It has done that multiple times over the past few weeks. The overall trajectory is downward and there haven’t been any big spikes to suggest that there’s renewed interest in the app.

Historical data shows that Allo’s ranking has been in free-fall since December last year. If it continues like this, Google may very well have to chalk Allo up as yet another one of its obscure services that not many people use. If the company wants to reignite interest in the app it may have to come out with some big feature updates that get people excited about Allo once again.

Google hasn’t really confirmed at this point in time how it’s going to further improve its new communication apps that include Allo and Duo. The company is likely to make efforts to turn this around and it will be interesting to see what it pulls out of its hat this time.

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