Sony Announces PlayStation Move At E3

Sony talks up the long awaited PlayStation Move at E3 today, where we do know that it will rely on visual and motion sensors to get its game on, where it will not marginalize hardcore gamers with its high level of precision – something we suspect that Microsoft’s Kinect is unable to handle when it comes to aiming accurately. Nice to see Sony take up the psychological high ground in this manner that touts its strengths while underlining its rival’s weakness. Select games will ship in two versions – Move and Classic, where both are available on the same Blu-ray disc. Check out more on the PlayStation Move after the jump, including details of games that will utilize this newfangled device.

What better way to conjure (pun intended) a way to use the PlayStation Move than pretending it to be a magic wand in the game known as Sorcery? You can now live out being Harry Potter, although we’re not too sure just how long the novelty of casting spells using a magic wand will last. At least Nintendo’s games make full creative use of the Wii and Nunchuks.

The PlayStation Move will retail for $49.99 with a targeted September 19 release date Stateside.

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