What will Nintendo and Sony offer at this year's E3?

E3 used to be the mecca of video game events, but the grandoiseness of it all proved to be its ultimate demise, and the show has since toned down a whole lot from its crisis a few years back. Well, at this year’s E3, it doesn’t have to be any less exciting despite having less pizzazz in terms of “flashy” presentations. After all, news concerning the video game world in the near future is mostly interesting, don’t you think so? Let’s take a look in the extended post to see what Sony and Nintendo have up their sleeves this time round after yesterday’s Xbox 360 announcement.

Nintendo could very well introduce their hotly anticipated 3DS after months of speculation, and we are happy to note that the company has done particularly well in keeping its design and form factor pretty much a secret after all this while. Do take note that the 3DS is a long time in coming, and we would be more than happy to have it replace the Nintendo DS line that was first introduced back in 2004. In terms of games, we could very well take a look at Animal Crossing 3DS and Level 5’s Time Travelers. Of course, what is a Nintendo platform without a decent Zelda game? There could be an all new Zelda adventure just for the Wii, where it will be a WiiMotionPlus exclusive.

As for Sony, we could possibly be looking at a slew of upcoming 3D titles that will be another excuse to sell tons of Bravia HDTVs which are 3D capable as well. Not only that, we could also very well be privileged enough to be privy to a new PSP, although the chances of that happening might be less than the new Nintendo 3DS popping up. There has also been whispers of a premium PSN service being banded about, but we will take grains of salt with all of the above until the press conference begins. Stay tuned!

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