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GLIDiC Unveils Sound Air TW-5000s Wireless Earbuds
GLIDiC, a Japanese brand backed by Softbank selection, is introducing new wireless earbuds in the U.S.A with the GLIDiC Sound Air TW-5000s.

Jaybird Freedom And X3 Wireless Sports Earbuds
[CES 2016] Whenever we would like to break a sweat, there are different ways of going about it. Some of us prefer to remain in the gym, as such a place offers the chance to exercise regardless of the weather outside, while others would want to settle for more nature-inspired places, such as jogging by the beach, or hiking up a mountain. Regardless of your choice, having music to keep […]

Apple Patents Earbuds That Don't Fall Out During Exercise
Have you tried exercising with the earbuds that Apple makes? You probably have to deal with the earbuds falling out on their own because they’re really not meant for use during intense activity. Apple obviously knows this and might make some changes down the line as it has patented a new design which aims to make the earbuds much more useful during exercise.

Moshi Mythro Earbuds
[CES 2013] Moshi has just announced their latest set of earbuds that will hopefully live up to its namesake – the Moshi Mythro, which would make it the seventh addition to its Moshi Audio range of premium earphones. Each Moshi Mythro pair will come in a stylish, canal-fit earphone that boasts of an integrated microphone which was specially designed for seamless use with the iPhone, iPod touch and other compatible […]


Monster iSport Intensity, iSport Strive and Victory launched
At CES 2013, Monster is updating its line of sports earphones with three models that will succeed the Monster iSport Immersion which was introduced last year. This time, they have three models called iSport Victory, iSport Intensity and iSport Strive. All three address a specific market of active users who need earphones that are impervious to water (yes you can swim with those if you want), but there are differences:

Apple 'unibody' earbuds plan relies on ultrasonic bonding
Apple’s sense of design had always been impeccable and well ahead of their time, and this time around, we have a whiff that Apple is working on a new process called ultrasonic bonding, which might eventually result in Cupertino working on new iPhone and iPod earbuds which are unibody in nature, just like their iPhone 4S’ design. At this point in time, headsets and earbuds come in a range of […]

NuForce NE-600X and NE-770X earbuds are easy on your wallet
We know that the economy is not exactly doing gangbusters at the moment, which is why NuForce has come forward to ensure you can still enjoy decent quality audio with your high bitrate audio files coupled with their new NE-600X and NE-770X earbuds. These are budget-conscious earphones which is said to deliver sound that punches above its weight class, without burning a huge hole in your pocket. The NE-600 will […]

Gummi Bear earphones smell good
Remember the Gummy Bear earphones that were reported about a long time ago? Well, it seems like the earphones have been given an upgrade. Spotted on Fred Flare, an online store, these Gummi Bear (spelt with an ‘i’ this time)  earphones take the whole lookalike gimmick to the next level. Instead of just looking like candy, the earphones have also been made to smell like them too!The Gummi Bear earphones […]

Jelly Belly offers sweet cases for your devices
Who would have thought that a candy company that rolls out delicious Jelly Belly will end up manufacturing a scented line of cases for various devices such as the iPhone, iPod and BlackBerry – heck, they will even release earbuds that come in a Classic Jelly Bean shape. That, we are certainly a bit more worried, especially younger kids who learn through emulation might actually decide to put an actual […]

Moshi Moonrock earbuds
Could this be a case of sounding better than it looks, or otherwise? Perhaps, but you will need to make the call for yourself after you bring one of these puppies home with you. The Moshi Moonrock earbuds is so named because of its design that comprises of a carrying case, where it is made out of some sort of soft material with holes to secure each bud, while a […]

Brainwavz B2 earphones look like candy
Brainwavz has just announced the addition of a new pair of high-end earphones to their lineup. The Brainwavz B2 is touted to be their highest-end earphones to date, offering a balanced and detailed sound signature.Featuring wonderful midranges, a crisp clarity in the highs as well as bass that can be described as “just right”, all segments of the sound spectrum are well represented, making the B2 an ideal solution for […]

Woody Ear concept earbuds
Product designers out there are probably trying to get on Mother Nature’s good side recently. Now after the Ashcraft Aria eco-friendly concept headphones, we’ve discovered the Woody Ear concept earbuds that have wooden covers on the earbuds, making it look a lot more eco-friendly when compared to the plastic earbuds that we’re used to. A volume controller for these earbuds are included on the cable and the volume can be […]

Punch Plugs Review
To headphone makers, this must feel like a golden age: Apple alone has sold more than 275 million iPods. On top of that, hundreds of millions of other pocket musicians roam the world – wanna-be iPods as well as smartphones with built-in MP3 players. So even if many people stick with the generic earbuds that come bundled with their gadgets, fortunes can be made by selling better headphones to people […]

Empire Brands to launch 3D series headphones at CES 2011
[CES 2011] Empire Brands knows just how big an impact when you decide to launch a product at an event like CES, and will leverage that impact next week by rolling out its new 3D series line of headphones. This upcoming 3D series will be the flagship line of headphones under the Wicked Audio line-up, boasting sport raised, colorful artwork that deliver a visually striking 3D effect. Not only do […]