Have you tried exercising with the earbuds that Apple makes? You probably have to deal with the earbuds falling out on their own because they’re really not meant for use during intense activity. Apple obviously knows this and might make some changes down the line as it has patented a new design which aims to make the earbuds much more useful during exercise.

The new design described in this patent includes a bendable outer section that forms to fit the user’s ear. It’s not something revolutionary but does appear to be an improvement over the existing hard earbuds that are currently shipped with Apple products.

Current earbuds are prone to falling out of the ear during periods of intense activity and since many people like to listen to music as they exercise, they really don’t serve much purpose to those who take them along for a run or to the gym.

Since the bendable outer section will cover hard plastic these earbuds will also be more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The patent also mentions that the earbuds will be able to connect wirelessly or with a cable to the user’s device.

Apple may have the patent in its hand but it can’t be said for sure if and when this earbud design will be put into production.

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