At CES 2013, Monster is updating its line of sports earphones with three models that will succeed the Monster iSport Immersion which was introduced last year. This time, they have three models called iSport Victory, iSport Intensity and iSport Strive. All three address a specific market of active users who need earphones that are impervious to water (yes you can swim with those if you want), but there are differences:The iSport Victory tends to isolate you from external sounds, which is great if you want to be in your own world during your activity, while the Intensity and the Strive allow external sounds to be heard, which can be very handy for runners or bicyclist to hear cars coming, or if you simply want to talk to someone without having to remove the ear buds all the time.
The overall design of those product look very sturdy and they seem fairly resistant to shocks (to a point). I really like the flat cable which prevents cables from becoming entangled in your bag. It’s so simple,  everybody should do it. All models get volume and play controls, and are priced to cover a good range in the market.

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