bn_readoutsIf you’re trying to look for a good book to read, sometimes browsing entire libraries can be a daunting task. Synopsis on the back of the books aren’t really reliable either because sometimes the premise of the book is more exciting than its actual content. This is why the folks at Barnes & Noble have announced a new feature called Readouts.

The idea behind the feature is to provide bite-sized content to readers in hopes that it will draw them in to read more. “B&N Readouts leverages Barnes & Noble’s vast content catalog and deep bookseller knowledge to deliver a daily selection of free one- to five-minute book excerpts and full articles from current issues of popular periodicals.”

The content chosen will be curated by the company’s editors, so if you’re not a fan of algorithms choosing content for you, hopefully this will provide a more human touch to the proceedings. Readouts will be available on NOOK by Samsung tablets, the NOOK app for iOS and Android, as well as the Barnes & Noble Readouts page.

According to Fred Argir, Chief Digital Officer at Barnes & Noble, “With B&N Readouts, we’re bringing the excitement and serendipity of exploring our store shelves to the NOOK experience, where customers can scroll down our digital aisles and discover great new daily content anytime.”

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