Messages On Mac Gets Live Photo Support Soon

At the launch of its new iPhone last year, Apple introduced a cool new feature called Live Photos. Think of them as photos on steroids, as Live Photos capture motion and audio 1.5 seconds before a picture is taken and 1.5 seconds after allowing users to capture much more in a single image without having to make a video. It’s already possible to view them on the Photos app in […]

iOS 9, OS X El Capitan Will Be Able To Track Flights

One of the unique features of Google Now on Android phones is its ability to know what you have planned, thanks to your emails and calendars. So if you have an upcoming flight, closer to the date it will begin display that flight information via Google Now cards to keep you informed of the status and to act as reminder.Interestingly enough it turns out that iOS 9 and Apple’s OS […]

OS X Beta Hints At Split-Screen Support For The iPad Mini 4

One of the features that Apple will be bringing to the table with iOS 9 is split-screen viewing. This has been a feature long-requested by many iPad users and thankfully it will be arriving in iOS 9. However Apple had previously suggested that only the iPad Air 2 would be able to use it due to its A8X processor, but now according to new info, it could be arriving on […]

Apple Will Turn To Two-Factor Authentication Process

At the moment Apple relies on a two-step verification process for certain aspects of iOS and OS X. This means that if you were to try and login into one of Apple’s services, you would enter your password and then receive a one-time code to verify that it is indeed you who is logging into the service.However it seems that Apple might be interested in upping the security on their […]


Apple’s National Park Naming Scheme Boosts Tourism

The last version of OS X to be named after a member of the cat family was OS X Mountain Lion. Ever since then, Apple has opted to name OS X after locations around America, like OS X Mavericks which is a surf point in California. Then there was OS X Yosemite, and recently we were greeted with OS X El Capitan.Now as it turns out, it seems that Apple’s […]