os-x-yosemite-logoThe last version of OS X to be named after a member of the cat family was OS X Mountain Lion. Ever since then, Apple has opted to name OS X after locations around America, like OS X Mavericks which is a surf point in California. Then there was OS X Yosemite, and recently we were greeted with OS X El Capitan.


Now as it turns out, it seems that Apple’s decision to name OS X after national parks and landmarks have actually resulted in a boost of tourism at those locations. According to a report from The Washington Post, they first discovered that there was a spike in the searches for Yosemite after Apple made the announcement back in 2014.

However to be extra sure that these spikes in searches weren’t just to look for more info about OS X, they then cross-referenced the data they got from Hotels.com, in which they found that the announcement of the operating system actually led to an uptick in users looking to stay in hotels at the national parks.

Last year Hotel.com saw a 21% spike in searches around Yosemite National Park around the time the platform was announced. However whether or not that interest translated into actual visits or bookings was not revealed, but it is interesting to see the kind of effect Apple’s branding has even in non-technology related fields.

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