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WebOS returns as an enterprise platform
While HP has pulled out of the smartphone/tablet business, the company still has plans for its WebOS operating system. According to statements from the company today, HP plans to turn webOS into an “enterprise development platform”. Speaking at the InformationWeek 500 conference today, Chairman of the Board Ray Lane was quoted as saying:“You cannot develop serious portable applications on Android. Android is a great operations environment for a smart device, […]

VMWare Mobile Virtualization Platform
VMWare has a mobile solution that may finally bridge the gap between IT managers and users. It is well known that IT departments usually don’t like to support an array of heterogeneous devices, and it is not a surprise that “business phones” are not really what employees want these days. The status-quo is a choice between two handsets (and two plans) or one that is “uncool”, or at least not […]

Yammer – coming to Windows Phone
Yammer, the enterprise private social network, is coming soon as an app on your Windows Phone device. Previously available on Windows Mobile, the transition over to Microsoft’s latest mobile platform seemed inevitable even though it would need to be rebuilt from scratch. Yammer users will soon be able to access their company’s social network though a native app on their WP7 device.The Yammer app for WP7 features: threaded conversations to […]

SanDisk announces 800GB SSD for enterprise users
Normally when we think about SSDs (solid state drives), the last thing that comes to mind is high capacity. At the moment, SSDs cost way too much to be an affordable choice to replace the 1TB drive found in the computers of home users. But that doesn’t mean manufacturers are ignoring the market that can afford such drives.SanDisk has recently announced a bunch of new additions to its lineup of […]


VMWare Horizon App Manager
VMWare, one of the main force behind cloud computing, has realized that having people use many different services in the enterprise does create some unique challenges. They can be as obvious as remembering many passwords, or as difficult as creating accounts for each employee for each internal and 3rd party service that the company uses. The Horizon App Manager solves many of these problems.

Motorola working on a rugged enterprise Android tablet?
A detailed Motorola slide recently found its way online and detailed Motorola’s plans for creating a new Android tablet. But this time around, the Android tablet will be more enterprise-oriented. The tablet packs a 7″ (1024 x 600) display, an OMAP4 dual-core 1GHz processor, 1GH of RAM, and the unexpected: Android 2.3. It features an 8 megapixel rear camera, a 1.3 megapixel front camera, Bluetooth, and WiFi. The unnamed tablet […]

Dell hosting a business event on Feb 8th
Dell has been rather busy sending out media invitations to an event in San Francisco that will be held on February 8th. There wasn’t any indication of what will be unveiled, though the invitation promises to showcase the “new generation of business computing solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of IT and end users.” Considering that the tagline also says that “Dell means business”, chances are that the hardware […]

Samsung samples MLC-based SSD for enterprise-class storage
Samsung has announced that it has come up with a multi-level-cell (MLC) based SSD for enterprise storage use. The drives will be available in capacities of 100GB, 200GB, 400GB and are suitable for servers since they provide high density while consuming very little power. The drives use 30nm-class MLC NAND flash chips that support Toggle DDR and a 3Gb/s SATA interface, allowing it to perform on par with SLC NAND-based […]

Top Five Mobile Workforce Trends 2010
iPass provides enterprise mobility services such as WiFi and mobile virtual network to a customer-base of 3,500 companies. In February, iPass started to ask its clients to participate in surveys, and this time, they managed to get between 1000 and 2000 participants at all different hierarchy levels, most working for large companies across the world: 45% are from the US, 40% are from Europe and 15 % are from Asia-pacific.We […]

Hitachi Ultrastar C10K600 2.5-inch Hard Drive Boasts 64MB Of Cache
Speed is always an enticing feature to have and Hitachi has introduced its 600GB Ultrastar C10K600 2.5–inch enterprise hard drive, touted as the fastest professional 10,000RPM hard drive. While it spins at the same speed of some of its rivals, it features 64MB of cache and optimizations to help it transfer data about 15 percent faster in random seeks and 18 percent faster sequentially than the previous best performer. New power […]

Lenovo Considering ThinkPad Tablet For Enterprise Market
Tablet devices have been really thriving this year, especially Apple’s iPad, and now Lenovo’s Senior Vice President of the Think Product Group has hinted that the company might want to get in on the tablet scene too, but with a focus on the enterprise market. He has been quoted as saying that it would make sense for them to enter the market, not to mention that they have a great […]

Sprint Announces Enterprise-Ready Motorola ES400S Handheld
Sprint announced today that it will be the first U.S. carrier to be offering the Motorola ES400S EDA, which stands for Enterprise Digital Assistant. While Motorola’s consumer division is rapidly rolling out Android-based smartphones, the enterprise division is still working on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile products that will target corporate and vertical markets. The rugged EDA could be obtained for $499.99 for qualifying business customers at the end of October, or […]

Motorola Launches More Rugged Business Handhelds
Motorola has added several more business handheld models that offer rugged designs to its portfolio. Though Motorola’s consumer division has been committed to the Android operating system, the company’s enterprise division is still making Windows Mobile handhelds that target vertical markets and integrate barcode scanners and cameras. The first model introduced is the MC65, which is a more rugged version of the company’s ES400 handheld released in June. The MC65 […]

Motorola Unveils Its Rugged ES400 Windows Mobile Phone
Motorola has launched its latest EDA (Enterprise Digital Assistant), the ES400, a handheld business device geared towards the enterprise user. This rugged device is designed to withstand drops and even the rain, and is aimed towards folks in the retail management, healthcare, postal services, and government departments. It’s powered by Windows Mobile 6.5.3, so it’ll support existing Windows Mobile applications that enterprises might demand and sports a custom Motorola Enterprise […]