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Samsung Unveiled The Enterprise-Ready Galaxy XCover Pro Smartphone
While we are already waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S20 next month, Samsung just unveiled its enterprise-ready smartphone ‘Galaxy XCover Pro’.It may not be the prettiest smartphone you have seen but it is indeed a stylish-rugged smartphone for workers from a variety of industries.Not just limited to Samsung’s Knox Security platform and durability, it also features walkie-talkie capability that Microsoft Teams support.In the press release, Samsung mentions its interest in […]

Google Jamboard Hands-On: Collaboration, Evolved
Google Just announced the Jamboard, a 4K, 55” Android-powered interactive display that is designed and optimized for collaboration. Although it looks like an electronic white board on the surface, it is so much more than that.

Apple Attributes $25B Revenue To Enterprise Business Annually
If you think Apple is all about the iPhone 6s as well as the iPhone 6s Plus, think again – the Cupertino tech giant is a whole lot more than that. In fact, business users happen to be a rather large target group for them, and Apple’s CEO Tim Cook says that the company is unable to be at where they are today if it were not for enterprises. Tim […]

What Does A Star Trek Enterprise Home Office Look Like?
There are many different kinds of questions that are sure to be asked in life, and this particular one certainly deserves its place. After all, if you have an insane amount of money, would you want to refurbish your home to have it look like that of the U.S.S. Enterprise starship from the Star Trek series? A certain Tim Baker and his crew as featured on the “Super-Fan Builds” web […]


iOS Continues To Dominate In Enterprise Apps [Report]
Back in the day, BlackBerry would be considering the darling of enterprise platforms when it came to mobile devices. Nowadays, not so much, although there are still plenty of companies out there who remain fiercely loyal to the Canadian company. That being said, a recent report from enterprise mobile services vendor, Good Technology, it looks like iOS is dominating the enterprise app sector.According to their recent report for Q1 2014, […]

Mobelisk Turns Ordinary Tablets Into Enterprise Devices
At CTIA, MoGo has announced its second generation of modular sleeves that can turn a $200 device into a touch, enterprise ready tablet with extra battery capacity, optional laser bar code reader and many more options. Basically, if the order is large enough, MoGo will even design and build it for the customer.

Samsung KNOX Provides Privacy To BYOD Users
Samsung has just announced KNOX, a security solution for its Android smartphones that provides a secure container that completely separates data from work and life, giving the user complete control over his/her “private” data, while letting its company manage the “work” aspect remotely if they want to. KNOX (name inspired by Fort Knox) is part of Samsung’s SAFE (SAmsung For Enterprise) initiative that has been steadily gaining momentum, propelled by […]

Samsung and SAP partner up for enterprise-friendly Android devices
Android devices have largely been limited to the consumer market for regular folks like you and I, although lately it seems that the US Government has taken a certain shine to Android and plans to incorporate its software into smartphones for military use. So with the consumer and the government sector covered, that leaves the enterprise sector untapped and that’s where Samsung plans to step in.In a bid to make […]

Toshiba unveils WT301/D Windows 7 tablet for Japan
Enterprise users in seek of a tablet in Japan will be pleased to know that Toshiba has announced the WT301/D tablet running on Windows 7, a platform that enterprise users seem to favor over more consumer-friendly platforms such as iOS and Android, although we’re guessing that really depends on who you talk to.

AT&T and China Telecom announce deal to share infrastructure
It looks like China Telecom is making good on its plans to enter the US market. Earlier this month we reported that the largest carrier in China had its eyes on entering the US market. Their initial plan was to provide services to Chinese Americans and tourists with a line that works in the US, and another line that will work in China. Now it appears that China Telecom has […]

HP LaserJet printers are open to hacker attacks according to researchers [Updated]
So as far as the general public is concerned, our printers pretty much do one thing which is to print our documents, so it would never really occur to the layman that hackers could actually hack into our printers for malicious purposes, at least until now thanks to a group of researchers at Columbia University who discovered that a security flaw that affected printers.

LG Revolution with VMware Horizon Mobile
The LG Revolution smartphone featuring VMware Horizon Mobile has been named as an International 2012 CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree. VMware Horizon Mobile enables what LG calls “dual personas” on a single mobile device. Basically it allows people to have two totally separate profiles on the same smartphone, one for work and one for personal use.

Acer launches enterprise friendly Z2620G, Z2610G all-in-one desktop computers
Earlier we mentioned that Acer had announced two new all-in-one desktop solutions, the AZ5 and AZ3, which were targeted more towards home users, but for the enterprise user, don’t worry as Acer has not forgotten you guys with the Acer Veriton Z2620G and Z2610G. These all-in-one desktops are aimed at businesses where space conservation is a priority along with presentation, and based on the sleek black design, we have to […]

Star Trek Enterprise now feeds your baby
If you’ve got a child who’s not old enough to feed him/herself, you probably know how tiring it is trying to get them to finish their food. Well the folks over at have come up with a new way of making meals more interesting for children: by disguising the spoon as a very cool looking spaceship. And of course we’re talking about the iconic Enterprise NCC-1701 from the original […]