AUO flexible paper comes with battery pack

At one point in time, getting digital displays to be flexible proved to be quite a challenge for engineers, but it has been some time since they have already managed that feat – and now the challenge lies in making sure such flexible displays will be able to display far better resolution in addition to making sure the resolution count and color, brightness, et al, are improved constantly. AUO might […]

Erasable e-paper hails from Taiwan

i2R’s e-paper is a new kind of paper that might just help prevent even more trees from being felled just because we love printing far more documentation than is actually required, in addition to a gazillion other excuses. Well, this is not the kind of paper that we think it is according to its Taiwan-based developers, but rather, the e-paper will rely on a thermal printer that is not too […]

AUO Sipix e-paper hits 6 fps for video, might even touch 16fps

AUO has been quite the forerunner when it comes to e-paper technology, and this time around the company might just have something great up their sleeves in the form of the Sipix e-paper that is capable of touching 6fps for video, with the ability to even hit 16fps when conditions are correct. IRX Innovation has tested the brand new panel and are happy to report that it can handle video […]

Sony organic TFT-driven flexible e-paper

Sony might not have the rosiest picture when it comes to their latest earnings call, but that does not mean the company has stopped innovating. No sir, Sony’s latest announcement at the 49th SID International Symposium, Seminar & organic Exhibition (SID 2011) concerns a flexible electronic paper (e-paper) which is driven by organic TFTs (thin-film transistors), and to put it in layman’s terms – it offers the benefit of an […]


Apple patent points toward new hybrid e-paper display

There was a US patent which showed up recently from Apple, where the fruity company from Cupertino could be working on a possible breakthrough in display technology that might just see action n future iPads and iPhones. Known as “Systems and Methods for Switching Between an Electronic Paper Display and a Video Display” it will place both e-paper and regular display technology on the same screen – now how about […]

Sony unveils 13.3-inch flexible electronic paper

Sony has introduced a new kind of 13.3-inch flexible electronic paper at Eco-Products 2010, a tradeshow which touches on green technologies that is happening in Tokyo as we speak. This new e-paper device has debuted in that part of the world, and Sony has remained mum on additional details such as its pixel count and backplane, touting the fact that this is just a concept of the idea of paper […]

E-paper prototype is disposable

Normally, technology that involves e-paper of sorts are more often than not expensive, so we are pleasantly surprised to read about a new kind of e-paper prototype that is disposable. Yup, you read that right – e-paper that can be recycled once you no longer need them. This is the idea of professor Andrew Steckl from the University of Cincinnati, who managed to show off how electrowetting paper functions in […]

LG dips toes in color electronic paper niche

LG Display must have taken a quick look around, realizing that the color electronic paper market does have potential for another player – which is why the South Korean display company giant will be introducing two coor prototype displays which were paraded at FPD International in Japan. Both of them will measure 9.7-inches diagonally, where the first has full color capability at 800 x 600 resolution – which is the […]

Sony prototype of flexible e-paper display might usher in new era of e-book readers

E-paper displays have their advantage and disadvantages over a standard LCD/LED panel, and while they are flexible and suck up very little juice, you can’t really throw fast moving graphics as well as millions of colors at it. Well, Sony might just introduce a future game changer with their latest prototype flexible electronic paper display that relies on plastic substrate instead of glass substrate that is extremely common today. The […]

Samsung exits e-paper panel production

Samsung has announced that they will no longer be present in the e-paper panel production industry, citing reasons such as “cost issues” alongside having a dim view of e-paper’s future. Of course, one can never predict anything correctly (even Paul the Octopus got it wrong before), but it is interesting to see a global giant like Samsung actually heading away from the e-paper future instead of leading the way. This […]

Nemoptic’s Active Matrix Binem Display

The folks over at Nemoptic have come up with a rather interesting tiny display dubbed the Binem Active Matrix E-paper display. This two-inch 170dpi display sports a 30ms refresh rate, fast enough for the display to handle video, and it’s also capable of handling partial refreshing, which only changes portions of the display. Another interesting feature is that it can also be backlit, which helps to set it apart from […]

Tokyoflash E-paper Timing Watch

Tokyoflash, certainly no stranger to weird and innovative watch designs, has come up with a new concept watch design that uses e-paper to show the time digitally in negative spcace (so you can see the time by looking for the digital numbers between the dark dots). Since it also sports Bluetooth connectivity, it can also vibrate to notify you of messages and call notifications. You’ll be able to control the […]

Samsung 10.1-inch e-paper paraded

Samsung is currently showing off its 10.1″ color electronic paper (e-paper) device at FPD International 2009 in Japan, and hopes to roll out this e-paper in volume from one to two years’ time. It manages to retain its slim profile thanks to integrated gate ICs on the glass TFT substrate, which in turn is combined with E Ink Corp’s e-paper and a color filter. Measuring a mere 0.7mm thin, you […]

Bridgestone electronic paper is bendable

Bridgestone doesn’t only light up the world of Formula 1 with its brand of tires, but they have just announced an electronic paper device that will run on its “Quick-response Liquid Powder” technology. The company hopes to see this device used in market segments such as browsing electronic books and electronic data, where it will undergo testing with the assistance system for liaison officers at Kansai Urban Banking Corp from […]