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Phone Sent To Space To Record Screams If Possible
They say that in space, no one can hear you scream. Well, what better way to put that to the test than with a quantifiable experiment? A team of researchers from the University of Surrey has decided to send a smartphone all the way into space from India, and intend to make use of a specially developed app in the smartphone to test this particular theory which was immortalized in […]

Plants Harvested For Electricity
Hmmm, what we are doing to plants at the moment could very well be what machines do to humanity in the future – that is, just as the Matrix trilogy depicts, use us as batteries. Well, a team of scientists have done some research into how plants work apart from the usual photosynthesis process, and managed to find a method that will allow us to harvest electricity that has been […]

Contact lens smart enough to deliver medication
I still have not gotten used to the idea wearing contact lenses, it feels really weird, but I guess for the many other millions out there, wearing a pair is the norm. How about a pair of smart contact lenses that are able to dispense of medication as and when the situation calls for it? Yes sir, a bunch of biomedical and chemical engineers from Alabama’s Auburn University successfully designed […]

YouTube mobile offers a new experimental layout
Websites/services that have been optimized for mobile phones are always welcome. It makes for easier browsing and it’s a lot neater than attempting to view a full website on a small screen, and now it looks like YouTube has enabled a new experimental layout, which by all accounts appears to attempt to further optimize the browsing experience on mobile phone browsers, such as Safari.


Music guides cyclists in experimental navigation system
Music does many things – it soothes the soul, it calms the mind, heck, if technophiles have it their own way, it can even assist cyclists in the future navigate around. After all, relying on visual navigation might be fine if you’re in a car, but whenever you are on a bicycle, this is definitely a huge distraction and could prove to be dangerous since shifting your focus away from […]

Cyborg roaches love Lady Gaga tunes
Cockroaches, or roaches for short, are more or less the pariahs of the insect world, even though they are most definitely going to survive and perhaps even thrive in a post-nuclear world compared to us humans, but for the moment, our homes seem to have the upper hand – after all, we have all sorts of aerosol sprays and roach traps to get rid of those pests, no? As for […]

Download Jonathan Stark's Starbucks card on your phone for a free cup of coffee
Want a free cup of Starbucks? Why not use Jonathan Stark’s Starbucks app to redeem yourself a couple cups of coffee? Wait, how does that work? Well it appears that Jonathan Stark, a mobile app consultant, gave away his Starbucks mobile-app code and basically let everyone in the US who wished to get a free cup of Starbucks, to have one on him.

Search engines change how our memory works
Thanks to Google and other search engines out there, life with the internet has become extremely convenient. Google’s not so recent changes to its search engine (autocomplete, instant search) in addition to fast internet connections has helped users cut down a lot of time spent typing unnecessary words or waiting for results.

Glitchhiker dies a little each time a player loses
We’ve all grown accustomed to games that allowed us to continue playing without any penalty after we lose a life. Even when we suffer a penalty, it’s probably just the loss of experience points or gear, and sometimes we have to restart the level from the beginning. But when we come back, the game will still be the same, and we get another chance to attempt the task again. Not […]

Zap your brain with electricity to improve your gaming skills
If you think that your gaming skills has maxed out after getting all the best hardware and peripherals, perhaps there is another way to up the standard through some sort of weird experiment – zapping your brain with electricity so that your brain will be able to operate at a higher level. Known as transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), it will rely on a simple circuit that is driven by […]

iPhone helps doctors to save lives
According to a recent experiment conducted in the UK, it has been proven that the iPhone helps to save lives. At the Royal United Hospital in Bath, 31 doctors with similar experience were split into two groups – those without iPhones and those with. In their respective groups, they were put up to the task of handling a simulated cardiac arrest emergency and judged by their performance. Those with iPhones […]

Kinect used to create artsy music video
In one of the more creative ways we’ve seen a Kinect being used, is in this video project by the folks over at 1024 Architecture. They used the Kinect sensor to track the skeletal movements of a person moving, the replaced the tracked wireframe with some special effects, and then projected the special effects over the performer again, resulting in one heck of an awesome music video. Words won’t do […]

Robots that learn to crawl before they walk
A roboticist from the University of Vermont has created an evolving robot. While studying how tadpoles change their bodies to become frogs in order to walk, he realized that the same principles can be applied to robots and he went on to design a robot simulation where he set loose a bunch of synthetic beasts that move around in a 3D space. He then programmed the robots with a genetic […]

Microsoft To Bring The Core Of Its Desktop OS To Smartphones Via Menlo?
While there aren’t any official details at the moment it seems that Microsoft is busy working on a project that could bring the core of its desktop OS to smartphones. If that does happen, we’ll see the Windows NT core possibly replace the Windows CE core used in Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 and the Zune HD. Murmurs of a graphics layer known as Experiment 19 will apparently be the […]