Websites/services that have been optimized for mobile phones are always welcome. It makes for easier browsing and it’s a lot neater than attempting to view a full website on a small screen, and now it looks like YouTube has enabled a new experimental layout, which by all accounts appears to attempt to further optimize the browsing experience on mobile phone browsers, such as Safari.

iPhone users are probably familiar with the native YouTube app on their phone that allows them to browse and view YouTube videos, however what the app lacks is that it’s unable to open up YouTube links that people send you via text message or email. It’s not exactly a deal breaker, but we guess that simple conveniences like these end up affecting us more than we realize, perhaps in the long run.

The new experimental layout allows for your usual YouTube activities, such as to like, favorite or subscribe, leave comments along with playlist and dashboard features. However if you were to surf on down to YouTube on your iPhone now, you’ll realize that you’re still stuck with the old mobile layout, so if you want to opt in and try out the new design, just surf on down to in Safari to enable it!

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