If you think that your gaming skills has maxed out after getting all the best hardware and peripherals, perhaps there is another way to up the standard through some sort of weird experiment – zapping your brain with electricity so that your brain will be able to operate at a higher level. Known as transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), it will rely on a simple circuit that is driven by a 9-volt battery in order to deliver electrical stimulation straight to your brain itself. This would allow you to experience an increase of visual perception, memory and motor control, depending on where you deide to place the electrodes are placed on the skull.

There was a study which was funded by DARPA, where volunteers had a go at a game known as DARWARS Ambush! which was developed to help train soldiers. Those who played with a 2 mA electric current going through their heads actually experienced a performance level that was double of what the control group displayed.

Will we see electric current being routed through the helmets of our pilots the next time they take to the skies and engage in a dogfight? Warplanes aren’t cheap, you know, so why not maximize the chances of winning?

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