At the moment, Face ID is only available on a select few Apple products. This includes the higher-end iPad Pros and also the higher-end iPhones. The rest of Apple’s product lineup continues to use Touch ID. However, as per Mark Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter, that could change in the future.

Gurman claims that Apple’s plan is to eventually bring Face ID to its entire product lineup, or rather, most of it. He claims that Apple is expected to eventually introduce the tech to its Mac, iPad, and iPhone lineup, where they will all get the feature. He claims that Apple would actually like to drop Touch ID if possible, but because it’s a cheaper alternative to Face ID while still being able to provide good security, they have kept it around.

Gurman also says that one of the reasons why the current Macs do not support Face ID is because the displays are too thin and cannot house the depth sensor. That being said, it’s actually interesting about his take on Touch ID because according to the rumors, Apple is apparently planning on introducing an in-display Touch ID to future iPhones.

In any case, we can’t say we’re surprised that Apple is looking to make Face ID the future of its security protocols so really, it’s only a matter of when and less of a matter of if.

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