One of the popular rumors surrounding the iPhone 13 is that it could see Apple bring back Touch ID to its higher-end iPhones. While other companies have introduced in-display fingerprint sensors to their phones, Apple has instead opted to more or less do away with fingerprint sensors in favor of facial recognition.

However, it’s hard to deny that fingerprint sensors can be more convenient in certain situations, even if it might not necessarily be perceived as being more secure. That being said, with Touch ID potentially returning in the iPhone 13, a tweet by @Jioriku claims that Apple will be leveraging this with some additional security features in iOS 15.

The tweet alleges that with iOS 15, Apple might introduce support for dual biometric authentication. This means that in some instances, users might need to verify themselves with both Face ID and Touch ID at the same time. Given that Touch ID can be easily bypassed by placing the fingerprint on the sensor, which can be done even when the person is sleeping, having that extra layer of protection with Face ID could help.

This is because Face ID requires that users look into the camera with their eyes open, so this trick won’t work on a person who’s sleeping. That being said, we can’t verify if this information is accurate so maybe don’t put too much stock into it for now.

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