We have all napped in class at some point in our lives but that’s going to get harder for students at one high-tech school in China. The high school students will find it difficult to doze off in class because the school will be using artificially intelligent cameras with sophisticated facial recognition tools to find out if a student is not paying attention.

This “smart classroom behavior management system” has been installed at the Hangzhou No. 11 Middle School in China. It’s going to monitor students’ expressions and movements which will when be analyzed with big data to ensure that they are paying attention in class.

The system will be able to ascertain if the students are paying attention or if they’re sleeping at their desks. It will even be able to detect expressions such as happiness, anger, and fear. Students will be awarded a real-time attentiveness score that their teacher will be able to see on a screen.

The school’s vice principal told a local news outlet that the facial recognition system will only collect the students’ behavior information and facial expressions, adding that it will help improve interactions between teachers and students. According to the vice principal, the students have begun to accept the monitoring after a month-long trial and claims that it has actually improved their behavior.

China is increasing its use of artificial intelligence and facial recognition for a variety of tasks which range from verifying payments to catching criminals. They’re also used for keeping an eye on the crowd at busy entertainment events.

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