Image credit - West China Metropolis Daily

Image credit – West China Metropolis Daily

Facial recognition is a handy tool when it comes to security, such as identifying authorized users. It can also be used in criminal cases where authorities can use the technology to try and locate suspects on the run, or identify terrorists. However over in China, a Chinese university lecturer has opted to use the technology to detect students that are bored.

Now before you run off thinking that this is such a waste of the technology, the lecturer isn’t doing it to punish bored students, but rather use it as a way to determine if his students are stimulated by the subject matter. There’s a good chance many of us have had a class in which the topic could have been boring, but thanks to the lecturer, they have made it more entertaining and easier to absorb.

This is pretty much what the lecturer, Wei Xiaoyong, is trying to do. Speaking to The Telegraph, Wei said, “When we correlate that kind of information to the way we teach, and we use a timeline, then you will know where you are actually attracting the students’ attention. Then you can ask whether this is a good way to teach that content? Or if this content is OK for the students in that class?”

It is a rather interesting approach and could potentially prove to be a superior method of gauging how students truly feel about a class, versus more traditional methods that involve filling up surveys and feedback forms.

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