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Nokia Creates A Smart Jacket Designed For First Responders
We know that Google is working on smart clothing through Project Jacquard where they partnered with Levi’s for a smart jacket. However Google isn’t alone in pursuing smarter clothing as at MWC 2018, Nokia took the wraps off a smart jacket created in collaboration with South Korean fashion brand Kolon that was designed for first responders.

Nintendo, Bloomingdales Partner For Clothing & Accessories Line
We’re not sure how many of you guys out there want to rock clothing and accessories that are themed around video games, but if you do, you might be interested to learn that Nintendo and Bloomingdales have recently announced a partnership to launch a spring collection for clothing and accessories called “Let’s Play”.

Louis Vuitton Is Reportedly Making Its Own Luggage Tracker
Louis Vuitton might be a brand that most of us might associate with luxury leather products, like handbags, wallets, belts, and so on. However in case you didn’t know, Louis Vuitton also makes their own series of luggages, and now it seems that in order to better protect these luggages, the company is developing its own luggage tracker.

The Amazon Echo Look Can Now Give You Crowdsourced Fashion Advice
Have you ever wanted some fashion advice? Sure, you could ask your parents, your roommate, or your partner on what they think about your outfit, but if you want a more collective response, the Amazon Echo Look launched earlier this year kind of achieves that goal through the use of machine learning algorithms.


American Eagle’s New Store Has iPads In Every Dressing Room
While online shopping is no doubt more convenient, it can be a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to clothes, as sometimes what’s advertised on a website might be different in cutting or fit when it arrives, then customers will have to deal with getting it resized or sending it back. This is why sometimes trying on clothes before buying is always a good idea.

Glasses Maker Uses iPhone X’s TrueDepth Camera For Frame Suggestions
While a pair of glasses might look cool on a celebrity or your friend, it might not look as good on you. Obviously this is because we all have different facial structures and features that make some frames look better than others. Now obviously going into the shop and trying it on is the best way to go about it, but why not let technology make your life easier?

Origami Clothing Will ‘Grow’ With Your Child
If there is one thing parents probably lament on, it is probably how fast children grow up, and how clothes for kids definitely do not last as long due to the rate that children grow. This means that in terms of spending, it can get pretty expensive. However 24-year old designer Ryan Yasin might have an answer to that problem.

Digital Summer “Wearables as a Lifestyle”
Last Friday, we co-hosted our Digital Summer event, an industry insiders version of our Digital Seasons series, at the Target Open House in San Francisco. We were happy to welcome great startup founders and executives, who showcased their latest innovation in wearable technology. Then, we picked their brains on how they manage to combine great technology with the latest fashion and design trends.The evening started with Stacy Marquardt, Marketing Lead, […]

Fashion Retailer ASOS Now Lets You Search Using Photos
The thing about shopping online for clothing/fashion is that it can be hard to find the exact same item in a store that you saw in real life, which means more often than not you will spend hours trying to track that item down (unless you happen to know the name of it). However that’s where image search comes in handy, and something that ASOS is introducing to its store.

Coach Adds Six New Apple Watch Bands To Its Lineup
The Apple Watch is marketed by Apple as being a fitness device and also a fashion accessory, which is why we have seen Apple collaborate with sporting wear companies such as Nike, as well as fashion labels such as Hermes and Coach, and with the bands being swappable, we guess it lets users choose what look they want, when they want.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier TUMI Special Edition Announced
The problem with our gadgets is that while some of them are perfectly functional, looks wise there are times when they do look out of place at certain events or when paired with certain clothes, which is important for those who are particularly concerned about fashion. This is why companies like Apple have tried to make its Apple Watch more of a fashion accessory.

Apple Unveils New Special Edition Beats Headphones With Balmain
Apple’s interest in merging tech and fashion is hardly a secret, especially when you consider that over the past few years, Apple has hired quite a few executives who have had extensive experience in the fashion industry. Let’s not forget that the Apple Watch is also being positioned as a fashion accessory, thanks to Apple’s collaboration with fashion labels such as Hermes.

Nike Is Turning To Augmented Reality To Sell Sneakers
If you’re looking to buy a pair of sneakers, you’ve got options that include going online or going to a brick and mortar retail shop. However Nike is changing that up by announcing a new app called SNKRS, which is an augmented reality-based app that will help their customers get their hands on limited edition releases.

Armani Launches An Android Wear Smartwatch
Last year luxury fashion brand Emporio Armani got into the smartwatch game by launching the Emporio Armani Connected. This device was more of a hybrid where it featured a traditional timepiece with some smart features, but it did represent how the company was looking to dip its toes into the water.