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AT&T Stops Investing In Fiber Until Net Neutrality Battle Ends
Internet users in the U.S. are concerned about the future of connectivity in their country as the FCC sits down to develop new rules for net neutrality. There is already a heated debate going on and there are strong voices on both sides. President Obama recently sided with those who are for a more open internet devoid of any “fast lanes,” he even went so far as to urge the […]

43Tbps Speeds Achieved Over Single Optical Fiber
How fast is fast? The question may get different answers from different people but a research group at the Technical University of Denmark has created a record which really does redefine “fast.” The group was able to achieve speeds of up to 43 terabits per second on a single optical fiber with only one laser transmitter.

Google Fiber Gets Competition In Vermont As $35-A-Month Gigabit Internet Launches
The Internet has been completely in love with Google Fiber ever since it was first announced a number of years ago as the promise of gigabit Internet is one we’re sure many of you are hoping to experience in your lifetime. But it looks like Google Fiber will finally be getting some competition in the gigabit Internet field as a Vermont telephone company has just announced they’ll be providing gigabit Internet, […]

Noxgear Tracer360 Is A Fiber Optic Vest To Make Night Running Safer
Considering how busy some of our lives have become when trying to juggle work, family and friends, finding time to workout is nearly impossible. Some of us only have time in either the late hours of the evening or early morning to go for a quick jog, but if you don’t know what to wear and where it’s safe to run, your attempt at improving your body could get you […]


China Expanding 4M Broadband Coverage To 70% Internet Users
China has been reporting some serious growth in its ability to provide broadband service to its people as not only did they add 51 million new Internet users in 2012, but they’ve also announced a new policy that would demand all new residences be equipped with fiber network connections starting April 1.In addition to expanding their residential broadband coverage, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology plans to expand their fiber-to-the-home […]

Cuba Activates Under-Sea Fiber-Optic Cable For Incoming Traffic Only
While China demands their new residences have fiber optic connections starting April 1st and the FCC chairman issuing his “Gigabit City Challenge“, poor little ole Cuba is using satellite links throughout the country in order to get its Internet access. Ask anyone who has done a small amount of research in Internet data speeds and they’ll tell you one of the slowest methods has got to be satellite links, but it […]

FCC Chairman Wants Gigabit Internet Across All 50 U.S. States By 2015
While China is demanding new residences have fiber-optic connections starting April 1, 2013, here in the U.S. we’re still struggling to make our Internet speeds as good as they are in other countries, including China. If you want gigabit internet speeds, then you’ll have to move to Kansas City where Google Fiber is currently supplying gigabit speeds to residents who choose to use the service. That’s not good enough for FCC Chairman […]

China Policy Demands New Residences Have Fiber Optic Connections
While the U.S. plays catch up with the rest of the world with its broadband speeds, other countries are continuing to make a harder push for its people to enjoy broadband Internet connections. China, which is one country which has the fastest broadband speeds in the world, has announced a new government policy that will require new residences to be equipped with fiber optic connections.The policy, which is being reported […]

Intel Light Peak Connector Tech to Eschew Fiber Optics for Copper in Initial Release
In its initial release, Intel is expected to favor use of copper instead of fiber optics cable in its Light Peak technology. Light Peak is a connector technology that is said to be significantly faster than USB 3.0, driving 10 gigabits of data per second in both directions, can help to replace ports and cables for monitors, external drives, scanners, printers, keyboard and mice, and other peripherals requiring a data […]