The Internet has been completely in love with Google Fiber ever since it was first announced a number of years ago as the promise of gigabit Internet is one we’re sure many of you are hoping to experience in your lifetime. But it looks like Google Fiber will finally be getting some competition in the gigabit Internet field as a Vermont telephone company has just announced they’ll be providing gigabit Internet, and for half the cost of Google Fiber.

Vermont Telephone Co. has started providing gigabit Internet speeds for just $35 a month to its rather small footprint of 17,500 homes. Since it launched, a total of 600 Vermont residents have subscribed to the gigabit Internet service, which VTel installed a completely new fiber optic network in order to provide this service to its customers.

VTel’s Chief Executive Michael Guite admits it was thanks to Google’s Fiber initiative that helped the company provide gigabit Internet to its customers. “Google has really given us more encouragement,” he said. Guite says VTel was originally denoted federal money which was needed to upgrade to a fiber optic network the first time they applied, but were able to win the second time around once Google announced it planned to build out its Fiber service.

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