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Internet users in the U.S. are concerned about the future of connectivity in their country as the FCC sits down to develop new rules for net neutrality. There is already a heated debate going on and there are strong voices on both sides. President Obama recently sided with those who are for a more open internet devoid of any “fast lanes,” he even went so far as to urge the FCC to classify the internet as a utility. Until this battle ends though AT&T is holding off on investing in fiber.

This means that the company will no longer put any money in its plans to bring high-speed internet through fiber networks to 100 cities within the country. It will hold off until the new net neutrality rules are put in place. The FCC said yesterday that they don’t expect to have the new rules in place by at least until next year whereas the previous aim was to set them by the end of this year.

Speaking at a conference earlier today AT&T CEO and chairman Randall Stephenson said that the company cannot invest a substantial amount of money deploying fiber to 100 cities “not knowing under what rules those investments will be governed.”

FCC allowed the American public to record their comments on the matter, which largely seem to be in favor of net neutrality. A conclusion will not be reached before 2015 though, so if you’ve been waiting for a fiber connection from AT&T, its best to look elsewhere.

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