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How To Send Large Files (For Free)
In case you have never hit the email file attachment size limit yet, then you should know that most email providers only allow maximum 10MB file while Yahoo and Gmail offer 20MB and 25MB respectively. For sending documents and sharing some photos, the available size is enough, but what if you need to send something bigger online?There are many services that will just let you upload bigger files and share […]

Kickass Torrents Domain Seized By Authorities
Kickass Torrents has moved to a new web location after its domain was seized by the authorities. This is most likely the start of a cat and mouse game...

BitTorrent Sync Alpha Unlimited File Sharing For All
BitTorrent Sync (version alpha) is now available for all to use (for free). Prior to this a pre-alpha version was circulating, but the access was limited to 20,000 users. If you are not familiar with BitTorrent Sync, it is a software that allows private file-sharing between your computers, and it is of course based on BitTorrent’s distributed technology.

The Pirate Bay Becomes #1 File-Sharing Website
The Pirate Bay moving its servers to the U.S. to become “The Freedom Bay” is obviously the popular torrent-tracking website’s April Fools’ Day joke, but its popularity over the years has been slowly rising with it reaching the top of the file-sharing website ranks as they have just become the #1 site for our file-sharing needs.The news comes from some analytical work done by Torrent Freak to reveal The Pirate Bay […]


ProxToMe: Sending Files To Nearby People Made Easier
ProxToMe is an iOS app that lets you send files to people who are nearby you. The cool feature of the app is that the person who you need to send the file to, doe not have to be in your list. They just need to be running ProxToMe.

Soonr Workplace: Collaboration app with document scan, HD video playback and Microsoft Office
I published about Soonr a while ago when the company was selected by Business 2.0 as one of the 25 Startups to Watch in 2007. Before the iPhone was launched in June 2007, mobile applications were not very common and I was impressed by the capabilities of Soonr , which, at the time, allowed users to remotely browse their files and folders on their desktop computer from their Smartphone even […]

Carbonite Currents Makes Files Accessible To Mobiles and Collaborators
You may have heard of Carbonite as a cloud backup company, a business in which it is quite successful. Carbonite Currents uses the same data-storage technology to offer a completely different service: make your desktop PC files (of any type) accessible to all your machines (laptop, tablet+ phone on Android or iOS) and even to your friends if you want to collaborate.For mobiles, it’s pretty simple, upon installing the apps, […]

Appeals Court rules Jammie Thomas must pay $222,000
Online file-sharing is considered illegal and an infringement of intellectual copyrights of the content that is being shared, if it is not available publicly and for free. However, very few cases related to online file sharing have surfaced in the U.S. so far. Among them is the case of Jammie Thomas, the first case that involved unauthorized file-sharing.The case has been around since 2007 and has since lingered on between […]

Tribler file-sharing technology cannot be taken down
The efforts of governments around the world in trying to deliver a knock out blow to file-sharing sites might eventually amount to nothing, as there is a new kid in town known as Tribler. The creators of this file-sharing software claim that it cannot be knocked out by governments or anti-piracy organizations, and according to Dr. Pouwelse of Delft University of Technology, “The only way to take it down is […]

Filesonic no longer shares files
Last week it was reported that MegaUpload, one of the world’s largest file sharing sites was shut down and its founders charged for breaking the law. While other file sharing sites haven’t been directly affected by the take down, it looks like they’re starting to get worried. Another popular file sharing website, Filesonic has decided to disable all sharing services, as well as discontinue its affiliates rewards program (which let […]

YouSendit: New Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac
I have been using YouSendit for a while now, for sending very large files (up to 2 GB!) over the internet when my email client could not handle it. The key feature is the ability to send files very quickly without login in – there is a 50 MB limit for the free version and you can only send one file or zip folder at a time.In July, the company […]

WD 2go Pro Mobile App for Personal Cloud
Today, Western Digital is introducing its WD 2go Pro mobile app for its My Book Live  personal cloud storage solution. My Book Live drive is a NAS (Network Attached Storage) that connects to the home network remotely accessible from inside or outside the house.Users can remote access to the My Book Live from any computer over the internet through, or from the free WD 2go or the WD 2go […]

Apple patent reveals new way to share content between iOS devices
In yet another patent filed by Apple, this one reveals the company’s plans to introduce a new form of content sharing between iOS devices. What so new about content sharing, you ask? Well, how about if you could share content between iOS devices by “pouring” or flicking files between each device? If that caught your attention, that’s pretty much what Apple has in mind with this patent.

Pogoplug becomes pure software, opens DIY floodgates
Pogoplug is often known as the cute “plug” that transforms a USB hard drive into a network attached storage (NAS) with a powerful (yet, super easy to use) web media server. More recently, it has become the force behind a number of  NAS designs as it was directly embedded in the disks themselves. Now, Pogoplug will come as a pure software solution which will transform your computer(s) into the most […]

Movie studio uses BitTorrent to officially distribute film
If there’s one thing beneficial about the pirate community, it’s the speed of which things can be spread with their services. So when it came to pushing out and promoting a new, relatively unknown movie, a movie production studio called Iron Cat has decided to share its upcoming film, Barzda (The Beard) on Lithuania’s most popular torrent tracker, LinkoManija, along with a number of other trackers.Iron Cat is no stranger […]

Movie studios sue file-sharing service, Hotfile
It looks like movie studios are bringing down the heat on file-sharing services all over the internet, one at a time. The latest to feel the crosshairs on its back is popular file-sharing service, Hotfile. The site that is alleged to reward the sharing of copyrighted material via its affiliate system has been sued by the combination of Disney, Fox, Universal, Columbia and Warner Bros. Hotfile does have an Intellectual […]

The PirateBox is the coolest file sharing lunchbox ever
A professor from NYU Steinhardt named David Darts has come up with a file sharing box called the PirateBox. Inspired by the free culture and pirate radio movements, the PirateBox uses Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) to create a wireless network that users can connect to and anonymously share digital files such as music, video, and images. All users have to do is connect to it, launch their […]

Artist Implants USB Drive Into Walls For Public File Sharing
When technology and art (maybe architecture too) come together, the results can sometimes be strange, and that is certainly the case with what Aram Bartholl has come up with. His design is called Dead Drops, and it involves embedding flash drives into the walls or curbs around New York, allowing folks to anonymously share files with each other. There are five flash drives/walls scatted around NYC, so feel free to […]