ProxToMe is an iOS app that lets you send files to people who are nearby you. The cool feature of the app is that the person who you need to send the file to, doe not have to be in your list. They just need to be running ProxToMe.

How does this work? Basically the receiver and the sender both need to have ProxToMe app installed on their iPhones. Once you have installed the app, you can then see nearby people who have the same app installed within a 250 feet radius. The app also shows the Facebook profile of the person you are trying to connect to and you can start a chat session as well. Once you select a file to send, if the other person accepts it, the file will be transferred.The app uses Bluetooth technology to locate people in the 250 feet radius, but uses the data connection to actually transfer files. The files are saved in Dropbox in a folder named “ProxToMe”. File size limitation has been removed, and is only limited by the space available in Dropbox.

The app has many promising uses, like sending files in a group, or for teachers to send out presentations. However, it does have potential misuses as well, by people sexting.  Only in the coming days will we find out if the app has gained any popularity.

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