Linko ManijaIf there’s one thing beneficial about the pirate community, it’s the speed of which things can be spread with their services. So when it came to pushing out and promoting a new, relatively unknown movie, a movie production studio called Iron Cat has decided to share its upcoming film, Barzda (The Beard) on Lithuania’s most popular torrent tracker, LinkoManija, along with a number of other trackers.

Iron Cat is no stranger to BitTorrent, has done something similar in the past before with good results, hence its willingness to give it a second go. Its good to see companies recognizing the benefits of such useful technology and not only the negative connotations that has been associated with P2P file sharing. True, the technology is being used for illegal file trading, but it also has its uses when working within legal boundaries. After all, obscurity is problem worse than piracy.

Hopefully more movie studios can see such the benefits (it’s cheap, fast and effective) of using BitTorrent to distribute their content in the future. How many of you use BitTorrent to legally check out indie movies?

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