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Jobs Biopic Starring Ashton Kutcher Release Delayed
Steve Jobs’ Biopic, simply called “Jobs,” was expected to be released on April 19 to celebrate the 37th anniversary of the founding of Apple Computer. Unfortunately, it looks like the movie won’t be released when it was originally intended to as Open Road Films has delayed the film’s release.Open Road Films has yet to confirm a new date for Jobs to be released saying they wanted to have more time to […]

Short Film Starring Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates Wants Kids To Learn To Code
Meeting a young adult who actually wants to dedicate their lives to learning computer programming has been pretty rare lately as the dream of being a rich, superstar athlete or reality-show star are probably what most young adults think of for their futures. A new short film directed by Lesley Chilcott is hoping to change that and spark an interest in the glamorous life of computer languages.The 9-minute short film […]

Lomagraphy's new Belair camera is the most exciting non-digital camera released this year
For the most part, film is dead and dying: we’re taking more photos than ever before, and an increasingly small percentage of them are taken with old-fashioned chemical film. But Lomography, the company behind toy film cameras like the Diana, is trying as hard as they can to keep film alive for a small number of people who love the process. And for some things, film is still significantly more […]

Impossible Project Instant Lab turns iPhone photos into instant film
Now here is a Kickstarter project that would definitely appeal to many folks, especially when you consider how it is capable of transforming your iPhone photos into instant film. Basically, the Instant Lab from Impossible Project lives up to its name, and according to the Impossible Project co-founder Florian Kaps, “Digital images look great, but there is one big disappointment: They don’t exist in reality, they are not real.” Do […]


Openfilm brings indie movies to Verizon FiOS TV
If you’re into indie films and you’re a FiOS TV subscriber, you’re in for a treat. No longer will you have to spend time queuing up at local art houses or tiny theaters and halls to catch indie flicks. Verizon has announced the arrival of Openfilm: access to high-quality independent films on-demand, all in the comfort of your own home.Users will be able to select from a diverse catalog of […]

Convert your negatives and slides into digital photographs with the iConvert
If you’ve been a photographer before you owned a DSLR, I’m pretty sure you must have amassed a huge collection of negatives – especially if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like to throw things away just because you might have a need for it in the future. Well fret not, a solution is here. Called the iConvert, this useful gadget should be a must-have for all you folks […]

RIP Kodachrome
Today is a sad day for Kodachrome film lovers out there. If there’s one thing bad about technology, it’s the fact that we have to say goodbye to it sometimes, usually when it gets replaced and is made obsolete. One such technological wonder was the Kodachrome film, and today we bid farewell to it. The very last roll of Kodachrome film will be delivered today in Parsons, Kansas. Kodak has […]

Polaroid Impossible Project reborn
Polaroid has stopped churning out instant film for quite some time already, but with the Impossible Project (we wonder whether this has anything to do with sportswear giant Adidas and their “Impossible is Nothing” ad campaign) kicking off, there will be a new instant film which will play nice with existing Polaroid cameras. The first products from the Impossible Project would be the PX 100 and PX 600 Silver Shade, […]

Veho Colorbright Slide And Negative Scanner
Do you have a bunch of film at home that you want to digitize and keep in your computer? Instead of paying someone else to do it for you, you could always fork out £59.95 and do it yourself, thanks to the VFS-002M Veho Film and Slide Converter. It’s able to scan your old 110mm and 35mm negatives into your Mac or PC via its USB connection. It also boasts […]