Photo shot with Kodachrome film

Today is a sad day for Kodachrome film lovers out there. If there’s one thing bad about technology, it’s the fact that we have to say goodbye to it sometimes, usually when it gets replaced and is made obsolete. One such technological wonder was the Kodachrome film, and today we bid farewell to it. The very last roll of Kodachrome film will be delivered today in Parsons, Kansas. Kodak has been slowly phasing out the materials required to make and develop the film and only a single operation in the world, Dwane’s Photo in Parsons, continued to develop Kodachrome and that operation will cease to exist in a few days. Although we can easily recreate images that look similar to the style of Kodachrome images with digital effects, it just isn’t the same as photographs developed on the 75-year old color film. Rest in peace Kodachrome, you have served us well. Head here for more images and footage of a video shot with Kodachrome.

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