For the most part, film is dead and dying: we’re taking more photos than ever before, and an increasingly small percentage of them are taken with old-fashioned chemical film. But Lomography, the company behind toy film cameras like the Diana, is trying as hard as they can to keep film alive for a small number of people who love the process. And for some things, film is still significantly more cost effective than digital: medium format cameras produce photos with more detail than almost any DSLR can match. So Lomography’s introduced a new 6×12 medium format film camera that comes complete with a sweet retro bellows. 

There are three versions of the Belair X 6-12: the Globetrotter, the Belair, and the City Slicker. All three models include two lenses: a 90mm lens and a 58mm guy that is wide-angle. The City Slicker is the least expensive of the bunch, starting at € 174.30 and coming in a murdered-out black colorway. The other two models have the same functionality, but are different cosmetically. All three models have an apeture-priority auto-exposure system, so you won’t be wasting expensive 120 roll film on underexposed photos.

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