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Oppo Find 7 Pre-Orders Open Up
Earlier this year in March Chinese manufacturer Oppo unveiled two new smartphones, the Find 7 and the Find 7a. The latter is already being offered for purchase but its actually the former that got a lot of potential customers interested in the first place. Oppo Find 7 was actually one of the first smartphones with a 2K Quad HD display to be announced. Now finally Oppo Find 7 pre-orders have been opened […]

Oppo Find 7 Specifications Confirmed, Reportedly Costs Under $500
Chinese manufacturer Oppo has made a name for itself. Even though its devices aren’t available in major global markets, the company’s products regularly make the rumor mill rounds, while they’re already quite popular back home in the People’s Republic. Oppo has teased its new flagship, the Find 7, quite a bit. It has now confirmed specifications of one variant, there will actually be two variants of the Find 7. Oppo […]

New Oppo Find 7 Camera Photos "Confirms" 50MP Camera
According to a report from earlier, it was suggested that the upcoming Oppo Find 7 handset would have the ability to snap photos of the 50MP variety. Yes, you read that right, in fact having the ability to take 50MP is not only impressive as far as phones are concerned, but it even beats out dedicated cameras.However a follow up report suggested otherwise, hinting that the camera onboard the phone […]

Oppo Find 7 Might Not Pack 50MP Camera After All, According To Recent Sighting
The Oppo Find 7 will be unveiled on the 19th of March according to recent invites that have been sent out by the company. The handset has been teased for a pretty long time now and safe to say many are looking forward to it.Why is that? Well perhaps the fact that the Oppo Find 7 will pack a QHD display is one of the reasons why many are curious […]


Oppo Find 7 Will Indeed Come In Two Variants
A smartphone that’s due to be unveiled in China in the near future has been hitting up the rumor mill quite a lot recently and has been generating a crazy amount of buzz. Oppo’s 2014 flagship, the Find 7, has been rumored many times and even the company has been teasing it for the past few weeks. There was one rumor that suggested that two variants of the Find 7 […]

Oppo Find 7 50 Megapixel Camera Rumored
One of the most hotly anticipated devices set to come out of China in the very near future is Oppo’s next flagship smartphone. The company has been teasing the Find 7 for quite some time now and already there have been dozens of rumors about the device. Even though all kinds of possible specifications have been thrown around, nothing is known for sure as yet as the company hasn’t made […]

Oppo Teases Find 7, Says Its Better Than Galaxy S5
China’s Oppo has been teasing its upcoming flagship smartphone for quite some time now, and it too has taken some time out to take a swing at the Samsung Galaxy S5. Soon after the flagship was unveiled, HTC mocked the lack of radical changes and conveyed to the world in a not so subtle manner to look out for its new smartphone, which will be unveiled on March 25th. Oppo […]

Oppo Find 7 Photos Surface
Unfortunately unlike most companies, Oppo has chosen to reveal the Find 7 at their own event which will be held on the 19th of March in Beijing. In a way it makes sense as it would allow the hype of MWC to die down before they can refocus the attention on themselves, but given that we would have to wait almost a month, it would allow the competition to gain […]

Oppo Find 7 Will Have Removable Battery
There has been a lot of interest in Oppo smartphones recently, the company’s devices may not be that popular in this region, but they are so back home in China. At this point in time Oppo is gearing to launch its new flagship, successor to the Find 5, the Oppo Find 7. There have been a plethora of rumors about this device already, which we have so meticulously combined in […]

Oppo Find 7 To Arrive In 2 Versions
So far, we have seen and read our fair share of rumors concerning the upcoming Oppo Find 7 which has been touted to be announced at the upcoming Mobile World Congress later this month, and have even compiled it in a “tell all” story. Well, we have word that the Oppo Find 7 will arrive in a couple of versions, but as to the exact nitty gritty of the difference […]

Oppo Find 7 Could Come In Two Variants
Every smartphone manufacturer in this day and age would do well to roll out a flagship device that they can call their own in order to represent the pinnacle of the company’s technology. this is somewhat similar to Formula 1, which is a sport that has seen various technology such as ABS “trickle down” to modern day cars. Oppo, a China-based smartphone manufacturer, is touted to feature the Oppo Find […]

Oppo Find 7 Could Be Announced March 19
Oppo has been teasing the Find 7 handset for a while now by confirming the device’s existence and even some of its specs, but we still have no idea on when they are planning on actually announcing it. Given that MWC 2014 is around the corner, many have speculated that could be when Oppo will be taking the wraps off the device, but then again maybe not. Oppo has recently […]

Oppo Find 7 Release Date, News & Rumors
Chinese manufacturers of smartphones are starting to be a force to be reckoned with, and I am quite sure that in due time, some of them might even be the next Samsung or LG. Don’t laugh at this statement – I am quite sure that there were plenty of naysayers in the past that looked at Samsung when it first rolled out its mobile phones, and never really thought that […]

Oppo Find 7 Could Be Announced At MWC 2014
The Oppo Find 7 has been making its way around the internet for a while now, with Oppo teasing a few features here and then, and confirming others along the way. Now the next question we’re sure many are wondering about is when will the handset be launched? After all the Chinese company has been teasing us for months, all of which seems to suggest an announcement in the near […]