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Amazon Reportedly Developing Another Smartphone
Amazon has seen much success with various hardware products including but not limited to tablets and smart speakers but its stint in the smartphone market was a disaster. It tried its luck with the Fire Phone back in 2014 which turned out to be a flop. Amazon hasn’t made a smartphone since then but if a new report is believed, the company might be working on another smartphone.

New Amazon Smartphones Will Be Called 'Ice'
You may not remember that there was a time that Amazon tried to enter the smartphone market with the Fire Phone but it failed miserably. The handsets were sold at throwaway prices and Amazon hasn’t made another smartphone since. It’s not like the company doesn’t know hardware. Its e-readers are legendary, tablets are appreciated, and the Echo series of smart speakers has been a runaway success. If a new report […]

Amazon Fire Phone No Longer Available For Purchase
Amazon’s Fire Phone was a brave attempt by the company to break into the smartphone market. The company had successfully broken into the Android tablet market with the Kindle Fire tablets, but unfortunately that success did not follow the Fire Phone. Unfortunately it seems that if you wanted to get your hands on the device, you’d be out of luck.As noticed by GeekWire, the Fire Phone’s product page states that […]

Amazon Could Be Giving Up On Their Smartphone Ambitions
Last year when Amazon launched the Fire Phone, the device turned out to be quite a flop and we’ve seen Amazon gradually slashing the price of the device, with the latest price cut dropping the phone down to $130. That being sad, it seems that the disaster of the first Fire Phone could have potentially put Amazon off for good.A report from The Wall Street Journal has revealed that the […]


Amazon Fire Phone Price Slashed Again, Drops to $130
When Amazon first teased the Fire Phone, many were excited because with the Kindle Fire series of Android tablets, Amazon had done pretty well for themselves, so many expected that the same level of success would follow with the Fire Phone. Unfortunately that did not happen and the result was an overpriced and underwhelming device.Over the past year, Amazon has slowly slashed the price of the handset and last we […]

Amazon Fire Phone Price Gets Cut Again
The Amazon Fire Phone was launched with a lot of hype and high expectations surrounding it. After all the company’s Kindle Fire Android tablets proved to be rather successful, so it is assumed that the same could carry on in the Fire Phone, but unfortunately that did not happen, thus leading to Amazon cutting its price.Well it looks like Amazon has decided to give the Fire Phone another price cut, […]

Amazon Reduces Price Of Fire Phone - For A Day
Regardless of the amount of optimism that you have, to call the Amazon Fire Phone a success would be a classic case of lying to yourself at best. The handset does have a whole lot of growing up to do, for sure, since there are many things that one can find fault with, ranging from the user interface that has its fair share of shortcomings, to its exclusivity deal with […]

Amazon Fire Phone Discounted Again With Free Prime Subscription
Amazon’s much rumored smartphone, the Fire Phone, failed to leave its mark. It would be safe to say that this smartphone flopped. The company is now said to be reorganizing the division that worked on this smartphone as it hopes to fare better with the second generation smartphone. It continues to try and unload existing units by cutting prices. The latest move is to discount Fire Phone to $199 off-contract […]

Amazon Fire Phone Receives Massive New Update
Earlier this year Amazon launch the Fire Phone, an Android smartphone of their own efforts. This is a phone that has long been rumored to be in the works and while it did launch with some unique features, it just failed to take unlike the company’s Kindle Fire Android tablets. Well the good news for current Fire Phone owners is that Amazon has recently pushed out a huge update that […]

Amazon's CEO Reassures That There Will Be More Fire Phones Coming
The Amazon Fire Phone was Amazon’s first attempt at an Android smartphone. Given the success of the Kindle Fire series of tablets, safe to say that many were expecting great things from Amazon, but unfortunately the phone failed to deliver. It had promising features but it just didn’t seem to take with consumers.So does that mean that Amazon will be giving up and concentrating on tablets and e-readers instead? Well […]

Amazon Fire Phone Price Dropped To $199
Amazon might be one of the more famous tech companies which hail from the US, but this does not mean that all they do will be infallible in nature. While there are hits, surely there are misses along the way, and the Amazon Fire Phone happens to be one of them. In fact, Amazon has just dropped the price of its Fire Phone to just $199 – in an unlocked […]

Amazon Exec Says Fire Phone Price Was Its Downfall
There are many factors when it comes to the success or downfall of a particular piece of hardware, and where smartphones are concerned, this extremely cut-throat business environment leaves very little room for error. In fact, it was not too long ago that the Amazon Fire Phone received a writedown of $170 million – which is not going to hurt the company’s bottomline too much, but it is still a […]

Amazon Fire Phone Gets $170 Million Writedown
Amazon’s interest in smartphones is one that has been rumored about for a long time, until a few months ago when the company took the wraps off the Fire Phone. The Fire Phone is Amazon’s take on the Android smartphone, and similar to the Kindle Fire tablets, it will run a forked version of Android and came with some pretty interesting features.However our review of the phone, along with others, […]

Amazon's Fire Phone Not Selling As Hot As Expected
A few months ago, Amazon finally took the wraps off the Fire Phone. Given that the rumors of an Amazon smartphone have been floating about for a while now, safe to say that many were eager to see what Amazon had to offer. Unfortunately it seems that despite all the features that Amazon has offered, the Fire Phone isn’t quite catching on as well as they had thought.According to recent […]