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Microsoft Flight now available for free
Right now, we are live blogging the Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview event at Mobile World Congress that is happening in Barcelona, Spain, but that does not mean news on other items will come to a trickle. No sir, Microsoft has decided to go ahead and make their latest flight simulator available to the masses as a free download – where the title is simply known as “Flight”. Making a […]

Icarus revisited
Humans must have looked up at the birds of yore, and wished that they, too, could one day traverse the skies. Fast forward to the 21st century and you have all sorts of machinations and contraptions that can ferry a large number of humans from one place to another, although it will not be how Icarus envisioned – that is, by attaching one’s body to a pair of wings, flapping […]

Evolution Neck Pillow makes sleeping on flights comfortable
We’ve had quite a number of crazy pillows featured on this site before, from the long distance relationship pillow, to the pillow tie, and of course who could ever forget the ostrich pillow? Well now we have a new addition to the list, though it’s not as extreme as the previously featured pillows, it does look pretty ridiculous.Called the Evolution Neck Pillow, it is designed for people who have trouble […]

Solar Impulse airplane takes to the international skies
In an ongoing effort to make the world a greener place, everybody is either going electric, solar or some other form of renewable energy. While we’ve had quite a number of such cars, vehicles such as airplanes are rarely in the spotlight for utilizing such technologies. This is where Solar Impulse HB-SIA comes in. The solar-powered aircraft is capable of cruising at top speeds of 70km/h while staying over 27,900 […]


AutoGyro Cavalon gyrocopter lets you take to the skies for $94,276
If airplanes aren’t really your thing, you might prefer to take to the skies in a gyrocopter instead. AutoGyro will be unveiling their latest gyrocopter at the Aero Friedrichshafen this week. In case you didn’t know what a gyrocopter is, it is an aircraft that’s similar to a helicopter, but different in a number of ways. It is more stable at low speeds, takes off and lands without using a […]

FlyNano plane lets you fly without a license
If you want to have a go at piloting a plane but can’t be bothered to sit through flying lessons (or your flying license has been suspended) there is a way for you to be in the driver’s seat in midair. A Finnish aeronautical engineer, Aki Suokas, recently launched a new single-seat aircraft called the FlyNano this week at Aero Friedrichshafen. The extremely lightweight vehicle is made entirely of carbon […]

NASA announces where space shuttles go to rest
In a ceremony held at the Kennedy Space Center today, NASA’s Administrator Charlie Bolden announced where all the space shuttles that have taken their final flights will go to rest. In addition to announcing the resting places of the shuttles, they commemorated the 30th anniversary of the first shuttle flight. The space shuttle Discovery will be placed in the National Air and Space Museum just outside Washington DC. The Enterprise […]

Festo SmartBird can be mistaken for the real thing
The folks over at Festo studied the flight of birds and managed to recreate its movement with their latest robot bird. Called the SmartBird, it can be easily mistaken for a real bird when observed from a distance. Its wing movements and flight motion are extremely realistic, with the SmartBird even turning its head to steer. It is so lightweight that it doesn’t even lifting gas to take off at […]

Boeing 747-8 lands its first flight successfully
Over the weekend, Boeing’s latest jumbo jet, the 747-8 took to the skies for its first ever flight. It left Everett, Washington; accompanied by two Lockheed T-33 chase planes and landed at Boeing Field, Seattle after travelling in the skies for 4 hours and 25 minutes. The 747-8 is Boeing’s biggest creation (to date) and it has a wing span of 224 feet and 7 inches. But with a maximum […]

Bing helps you look for the cheapest flights
Microsoft’s Bing search engine seems to be in the spotlight a lot recently, but now it’s more for their improvements instead of accused search results thievery – which is a good thing. A new feature called Autosuggest Flight Prices has just been implemented into Bing Travel, to make life easier for travelers. Like its name, Autosuggest Flight Prices automatically displays flight prices whenever users search for information about flying to […]

Gas turbine jetpack looks too hot to use
Ever dreamed of touching the sky? I’m sure you’re not the only one. A German inventor spent hours of his life working on this crazy looking gas turbine jetpack he calls “The Monocopter”. This device looks like bad news and doesn’t look too safe to fly. Firstly it looks like you’d need the strength of 5 men to lift, and secondly, those exhaust pipes look a little too close for […]

FAA-conforming HondaJet completes maiden flight
Could we be flying to distant locations in a Honda jet in the future? We certainly seem to be moving in that direction as the first FAA-conforming HA-420 HondaJet has successfully completed its maiden flight, signaling the start of flight-testing to support certification of the aircraft. During the flight, the HondaJet’s flight characteristics and performance were analyzed and system checks were conducted. The HondaJet has been in development since 1997 […]