Humans must have looked up at the birds of yore, and wished that they, too, could one day traverse the skies. Fast forward to the 21st century and you have all sorts of machinations and contraptions that can ferry a large number of humans from one place to another, although it will not be how Icarus envisioned – that is, by attaching one’s body to a pair of wings, flapping one’s way around the skies. As for the Human Bird Wings project, plenty of mathematical formulas and calculation needs to be done, and gotten right, otherwise the rider of those wings might end up with a rather bumpy landing – hopefully all the relevant protective gear are in place! Assuming the wingspan stands at 7 meters, and the mass of the wings themselves weigh in at 10kg, the person with the wings would tip the scales at approximately 80kg to 85kg.

Since big birds tend to glide a whole lot more than do plenty of wing flapping, this model seems to fit right in, and good luck when you jump off the cliff (or launch away) with this! Hopefully it might end up as something new and novel where future amusement park “rides” are concerned…

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