Evolution Neck Pillow

We’ve had quite a number of crazy pillows featured on this site before, from the long distance relationship pillow, to the pillow tie, and of course who could ever forget the ostrich pillow? Well now we have a new addition to the list, though it’s not as extreme as the previously featured pillows, it does look pretty ridiculous.

Called the Evolution Neck Pillow, it is designed for people who have trouble sleeping on the plane. Made from memory foam, the Evolution Neck Pillow wraps around your neck and gives your head something to rest on when you need to doze off in the middle of your flight. In contains a compartment for you to keep your phone or MP3 player in plain sight so you know – people can easily nick if off you when you’re sleeping.

However the pillow is said to stabilize your head and keep it from falling forward or rolling side to side. If you think this Evolution Neck Pillow is just the sort of thing you need for your next flight, it can be yours for $34.99 from Cabeau.

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