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Fossil Unveils Q Nate, Q Crewmaster, Q Gazer, Q Tailor Smartwatches
Fossil might be a bit late to the smartwatch game, which is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to see that they’re not wasting any time playing catch up. It wasn’t too long ago that the company launched their previous lineup of smartwatches, and now they are back in a big way with four new models.

Fossil Q Marshal & Q Wander Now Available For Purchase
Earlier this month we reported that two of Fossil’s smartwatches, the Q Marshal and Q Wander were available for pre-order in the US. If you missed the pre-order window, fret not because it looks like both watches are now available for purchase and are priced starting at $295, with the prices varying depending on the straps you choose.

New Fossil Android Wear Smartwatches Available For Pre-Order This Friday
Fossil introduced two new Android Wear-powered smartwatches earlier this year and today it has confirmed that they will be available for pre-order starting this Friday. The Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshal smartwatches will be available from the company’s online store as well as through retail stores from August 29th. Both smartwatches have touchscreen displays and are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

Fossil Could Have A New Smartwatch In The Works
Fossil is a company some of you guys might associate with leather goods such as handbags, backpacks, bracelets, and so on. However the company is also known for their watches, and more recently in 2015, the company also dived into the smartwatch scene with their Fossil Q lineup.


Fossil Announces More Fossil Q Smart Wearables
So we know that Fossil has launched several smartwatches and wearables, and just recently the company announced the Fossil Q Motion, a fitness tracker with a built-in sleep tracker, but it looks like the company isn’t done announcing new products yet. The fact Fossil has announced three new wearables which comes in the form of the Q Marshal, Q Wander, and a smart analog watch.

Fossil Q Motion Fitness & Activity Tracker Launched For $95
Fossil is a company known for their leather products and also their watches. Recently the company has also gotten into the wearables game by launching several smartwatches. However if you’d rather not spend so much money on a smartwatch when all you need is a fitness tracker, fret not because Fossil’s got your back.

Fossil's New Smartwatch Hides The Smarts Behind An Analog Facade
Despite having launched its new Q lineup of connected wearable devices this past fall, Fossil is out with a new smartwatch today, the Q54 Pilot is more like a traditional analog watch as opposed to a modern smartwatch. It hides the Intel-powered smarts, which offer basic features like activity tracking and smartphone notifications, behind its analog facade. The Q54 Pilot isn’t that different from the Fossil Q Grant though this one has […]

Fossil Q Founder Smartwatch Now Available On Google Play
It was just last month that the Fossil Q Founder smartwatch went up for sale. However if for whatever reason you can’t find the watch in other retailers, you might be interested to learn that Google has started to sell the smartwatch as well and it can be purchased via the Google Store starting at $275.

Fossil's First Smartwatch Has Been Released
It was public knowledge that Fossil was working on an Android Wear-powered smartwatch, the company unveiled it last month, it’s called the Q Founder and today Fossil has finally released it. The smartwatch is part of the company’s Q line of wearable devices with the Q Founder being the flagship product. As previously mentioned it runs Android Wear and is powered by an Intel chipset.

Fossil To Acquire Misfit For $260 Million
Fossil is a brand you guys might associate with leather goods like bags, wallets, and watches, although recently the company has expanded their offerings by getting into the smartwatch game. Misfit on the other hand is a company known for their simple but functional fitness trackers and it might seem like both companies have nothing to do with each other, at least until now.Fossil has recently announced that they will […]

Fossil Unveils Q Founder Android Wear Smartwatch
It has been known for some time now that Fossil is working on an Android Wear smartwatch and today the company has finally announced it, it’s part of the new Fossil Q line, the entire range offers multiple connected wearable devices with the Q Founder being the flagship as it’s the Android Wear powered smartwatch.

Fossil Teases Its Upcoming Q Smartwatches
Last month Fossil took the wraps off a trio of smartwatches, which thanks to a trademark registration, was revealed to be part of Fossil’s new Q lineup of wearables. In fact the company had recently confirmed the name in a blog post in which they have teased their upcoming smartwatches.According to Fossil, “Designed by our über talented watch team and engineered with Intel Innovation, Fossil Q consists of a connected […]

Fossil Q Could Be The Name Of The Company’s Wearable
Last year Fossil and Intel announced a partnership where both companies would work on wearable technology together, and earlier this month at IDF 2015, Fossil took the wraps off the fruits of their labor in the form of a trio of wearables. Unfortunately apart from showing off the design, not much else was revealed.That being said, it seems that we might have been clued in to the possible name of […]

Fossil Unveils Trio Of Wearables At IDF 2015
Last year in September it was reported that Fossil and Intel had announced a partnership in which both companies would be working on wearables together. It looks like today the fruits of their labor have finally been revealed at IDF 2015 with Fossil taking the wraps off three wearables, all of which are powered by Intel’s technology.Unfortunately details of the wearables are a bit of a mystery for now as […]