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Portal available for free until September 20th
If you’ve been playing video games for at least the past few years, I’m pretty sure you would have heard of Portal, the highly-acclaimed puzzle game that was released way back in 2007. Well, just like its recent give away of Team Fortress 2 that happened a few months ago, Valve has decided to give Portal away for free. But unlike TF2 which Valve made free to play permanently, this […]

RAGE iOS now available for free
Remember id Software’s promise to make RAGE for iOS free if it managed to get 100,000 likes on its Facebook page? Well, the target has been met (at the time of writing it has hit over 101,000 likes), and id Software has kept its promise. RAGE for iOS is now available as a free download on the Apple App Store. This move will definitely push the app to the top […]

Symform announces 100GB of free cloud storage
Ever wanted to have 100GB of free cloud storage space? You could either invite a lot of people onto DropBox to bump up your storage space or you could check out Symform’s latest cloud storage solution. For a limited time the company is giving away 100GB of cloud storage space to consumers, business organizations, service providers, IT professionals – and basically people who need loads of storage space online. By […]

Students and staff in the Owensboro, Kentucky to receive free MacBook Air notebooks
Thanks to a hefty $5 million that was collected for stimulus funding in Owensboro, Kentucky; public schools will be getting 2,200 MacBook Air notebooks for students between grades five and twelve, as well as teachers and staff in those schools. This means a MacBook Air for every student and teacher in the district. The notebooks are meant to help the teachers in teaching, and help the students with learning in […]


Fruit Ninja Free for Android now available
Fans of the super-addictive fruit slicing game, Fruit Ninja, will be glad to know that they won’t have to fork out a dime to play the game on their Android phones. Halfbrick studios has just announced the launch of Fruit Ninja Free for Android. While the game isn’t new – the paid version for Android tablets and Android has already been out for some time, this free version should draw […]

iCookbook for Android launches on Amazon Appstore today
If you’re a fan of preparing meals in the kitchen and love to have your tablet handy whenever you’re cooking, you’re going to be delighted at this upcoming announcement. iCookbook, a popular cooking app available on the Apple iPad and HP TouchPad is finally making its way over to the Android platform today. iCookbook has announced that it will be debuting its app on the Amazon Appstore, free for just […]

Pinger brings free texting to Europe
While the tech savvy consumers of the world are making use of data for “free” texting with apps such as Whatsapp or Kik messenger, believe it or not, but a majority of the world still rely on good ol’ regular text messaging. Unfortunately in most parts of the world, people don’t have “free text” plans, and still need to pay exorbitant fees to send text messages to each other.

Source SDK to be made free
Valve sure is generous when it comes to giving out goodies to the gaming community. After recently making its well-loved team multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2, a free to play game – it turns out that they’re not done yet. The company has just announced that the Source SDK will soon become free to use in its entirety for everyone.For those of you who have no idea what the Source […]

Ubergizmo Giveaway: Two Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Win!
Update: This giveaway is now closed and we will randomly draw two winners. Thanks for your interest! Update 2: Two winners have been contacted. Upon confirmation, we will post a final update.We have recently closed the previous Android tablet giveaways, but if you missed out on those, here’s another chance to get one of the coolest Android 3.x tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 features an impressive design which is […]

Team Fortress 2: now free to play forever
Earlier this week, Valve put one of its most popular games of all time, Team Fortress 2, as a free download on Steam. Now, for some strange reason, the company is feeling even more generous than ever and has released the game as a free to play game – forever. This means that all you PC gamers that haven’t gotten your hands on this game now are in for a […]

Motorola giving away free wireless keyboard with Xoom tablet
If you’ve been looking for an excuse to purchase the Motorola Xoom tablet over the Android Honeycomb tablet offerings from other manufacturers, you might be pleased to know that Motorola is trying to change your mind. The company has just announced that for a limited time, it will be offering a free, brand new, wireless keyboard with every purchase of the Motorola Xoom.The keyboard is valued at $69.99, so getting […]

Plants vs. Zombies for Android arriving on May 31
Plants vs. Zombies has been out on the iPhone for over a year now and it’s still yet to arrive on any other smartphone platform. Well the reign of iOS is about to end! According to the latest reports, PopCap Games will be releasing Plants vs. Zombies for Android smartphones at the end of this month.Following the footsteps of Angry Birds Rio, Plants vs. Zombies will debut as an Amazon […]

Apple offers free repairs for products damaged in the Japan disasters
Even though it’s been awhile since the Japan disasters, efforts to help out the country and to improve its citizens’ lives haven’t ceased. Folks still need their homes repaired, equipment fixed and or replaced. While most companies are involved by having fundraising events where the money made is sent to the Red Cross society, Apple is taking a different approach to the situation.Instead of just offering money like any other […]

Shazam for Android gets unlimited tagging and Friends
Great news for people Shazam users on Android – if you’re tired of not being able to identify as many songs as you want whenever you want to, you’ll be able to do so for the next there months. Shazam has just announced that all Shazam users on Android (yes even those on the free version of the app) will be able to tag an unlimited number of songs until […]